Solid Oak Skirting

Heritage Doors & Floors LTD are solid oak manufactures who specilise in bespoke sizes. Solid Oak skirting is manufactured from solid American white oak  which we source direct from America. The skirting is of high quality and available in a range of different options.

What options are available in the Solid Oak Skirting?

The oak skirting is available in a rustic grade or prime grade timber. The difference between the two is that the rustic grade will contain the general knots and character through out which is sold as a more traditional grade as it really suits traditional cottages, barn conversions etc.  The prime grade is a more modern look as there is not much character throughout the timber but there will still be the natural grain patterns as in the rustic grade.

The skirting is available in a range of widths as standard but we can machine specific widths if requested. The standard widths we offer is 75mm (usually used as architrave but can be used as a skirting is required) 100mm, 125mm,  150mm, 175mm or 200mm. The standard thickness is usually 20mm thick but again,  if you require the skirting thinner we can also do that for you. The lengths are supplied in up-to 3.6m lengths, if not specified you will receive random lengths if you require specific lengths we can supply them at the length you require as long as they are no longer than 4m.

Below are the different profiles which are available for you to choose from:

Solid Oak Skirting

Chamfer profile



Solid Oak Skirting

Bullnose profile



Solid Oak Skirting

Torus profile



Solid Oak Skirting

Ogee profile



Solid Oak Skirting

Ovolo Profile



As standard the skirting is supplied unfinished ready to oil or stain once received. If you require a pre-finished product, we do now offer a hand finished option which is available in a range of different colours which is hand finished by the heritage team in our Sheffield workshops.  If you require more information about our hand finished products, please let us know and we can send you a brochure.

If you require anymore information on the skirting available please contact our sales team – 01142474917 or

Fitting Solid Oak Flooring On Underfloor Heating

There are a number of Guidelines to Fitting Solid Oak Flooring on Underfloor Heating. Solid oak flooring is most defiantly compatible with under flooring heating as every properties temperature and moister content will be different.

Fitting Solid Oak Flooring on Underfloor Heating

All timber floors will expand and contract due to them been a natural product and to the varying moisture content in the air.  When no heating is on and windows open the moisture is higher and wooden flooring expands, on the other hand when central heating is on it dries the air and wood flooring contracts. The width of the board will only be affected by this as timber doesn’t expand lengthways. Movement is a problem and should be considered when fitting a solid timber floor, as it could result in gaps between each board or it could even buckle upwards in the weakest point if there is nowhere for the floor to expand to.

Tips when Choosing Solid Oak Flooring to be fitted on top of underfloor heating.

  • In most cases the flooring will be offered in a micro bevel or square edge finish, micro bevel is good to disguise any gaps that may occur with the flooring is expanding and contracting as the edges of boards have a slight chamfer. Whereas the square edge may show a lipping as the flooring move as they are machined square/flat.
  • It would be recommended to leave the flooring in the room where it’s going to be laid for a week or so as it will allow the flooring to acclimatise before it is fitted. By storing the flooring in the property it will also stop any more noticeable movement in the flooring once its laid as it has already acclimatise to the rooms temperature where it will be fitted in.
  • Sealing a wood floor is essential as the better you seal your boards the less moisture will be absorbed so there will be less movement. It would be recommended to seal the tongue and groove as well when finishing a floor.
  • Timber flooring does need space to allow it to expand and contract a gap around the room is ideal so the best way to disguise the gap would be to fit the skirting after the flooring so it sits on top, them the flooring can move under the skirting boards. Laying the flooring as a floating floor would also let the flooring move as a surface stopping any breakages in the weak areas.
  • Charges in temperature and moister in the property is the worst thing for oak flooring so you need to try and avoid any sudden changed to the temperature. Avoid mopping and if there is any spillages make sure they are cleaned up quickly.

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Wall Mounted Handrails

Heritage Doors & Floors LTD have a wide range of stairparts which are kept in stock in our Sheffield units. We have a wide range of handrails including the Wall Mounted Handrails. There are a number of different styles available to be used as a Wall Mounted Handrail.

What options of Wall Mounted Handrails do heritage have to offer?

Handrail Accessories - ChromeThe traditional round style is one of the most popular handrails to be seen used as a wall mounted handrail. The diameter of the round handrail is 55mm and they are available in American white oak and pine and can be supplied unfinished or pre-oiled if required. The lengths available are 3.6m and 4.2 we would recommend that 1 bracket per meter is used. We do have the wall brackets available in chrome, brushed nickel and brass with end caps to match as seen in the above picture.

Pine pigs ear handrail

The pigs ear handrail is the handrail which is fitted to the wall without using any brackets and is screwed direct to the wall.  This is also a real popular handrail. This style of handrail is available in pine and oak and can be pre-oiled if required. The lengths available are 3.6m and 4.2m.


wall mounted handrailThis handrail is a traditional handrail which you can see from the picture it has a groove cut out of the bottom to be used with spindles. This can also be used as a wall mounted handrail with will match in with the rest of the staircase if done in this style i.e a landing section. This handrail is available in 2.4m, 3.6m and 4.2m lengths, the measurements are 59mm wide & 58mm deep and is supplied with the fillets. These handrails are available in oak, pine, white, pre oiled in a number of colours and clear Lacquered.

These handrails are always in stock for you to take away or we can deliver with in a couple of days.

If you require anymore information on the handrails pictured above please contact our sales team:

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The Heritage Flooring Collection

We at Heritage Manufacture all the hardwood flooring which is part of our ‘The Heritage Flooring Collection’ range. We have been the manufactures of hardwood flooring for many many years, so we can offer your flooring bespoke, meaning if a non-standard size is required i.e if the flooring is been used to finish off flooring that has already been laid but is a non-standard width, we can run that for you.  You might want to send us an off cut of your existing floor for us to match up to.

The Heritage Flooring CollectionThe picture to the left is of the solid oak rustic flooring which has recently been installed in our customers new home.

What hardwoods are available in The Heritage Flooring Collection?

We have solid oak flooring which is available in a rustic grade which will contain knots and character throughout which is one of our most popular floors. We have solid oak flooring which is available in a prime grade which will contain minimal knots and character throughout.

If our solid oak flooring is not what you are looking, don’t worry, we also have a range of solid hardwood flooring, the range contains solid ash, solid walnut, solid maple and solid cherry, so plenty for you to choose from!

Most of our flooring can be machined up to widths of 210mm which will be the face once the flooring is laid. The standard thickness is 20mm but we can machine the flooring down to 18mm or 15mm thick if required for the same price, just ask! The lengths of the boards are supplied in random lengths ranging from 600mm – 3.6m depending on the flooring been ordered.

The solid oak flooring is our most popular so we have the most options available in the oak in terms of the widths and lengths. All the flooring is machined with tongue and groove all 4 sides of the boards making the fitting process easier and quicker. The flooring is also machined with stress grooves on the underside of the boards this will help when fitting also so the fitter knows which way the flooring needs to be laid.

If you require anymore information on any of the hardwood flooring or any samples we have to offer please contact our sales team:

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Oak Flooring Trims

Heritage Doors & Floors LTD manufacture Oak Flooring Trims for doorways and to finish off flooring. The trims we have designed include End trims, Jointing piece, ramp, semi ramp, and Scotia. Each of the trims are designed for a different purpose. Heritage manufactures these in our workshop so they are guaranteed to match our oak products as they are made from the same timber.

The trims are most commonly used for when 2 floors meet at a door way i.e. – solid oak flooring to tiles. There will be a height difference as solid oak flooring is usually 20mm thick and tiles are a lot thinner so if a door trim is put between the 2 it won’t be as noticeable. Heritage has designed these so the standard metal ones don’t have to be used and they finish of a solid oak flooring nicely.

What is each of The Oak Flooring Trims Used for?

  • scotiaOak scotia – is used around the edge of the room where the flooring is been fitted to hide the expansion gap. The expansion gap can also be hidden by fitting skirting board after the flooring has been fitted.


  • end trimOak End Trim – is used for when flooring meets a hearth or external door. The oak ramp can also be used for the same purposes but is just a different style but is sometimes preferred.



  • t sectionOak Jointing piece – is used for flooring that meets another surface that is the same height.



  • semi rampOak Semi Ramp – is used to bridge 2 floors that meet which have a difference in height i.e oak flooring to tiles.



Heritage will supply the trims unfinished as standard so you can oil or stain them to match the flooring you have that way the trim will just blend in and not be noticeable or we have a range of colour if you would prefer a pre-finished product. If a trim wasn’t fitted when 2 floors meet that have a large height difference it would cause a trip hazard in the property. Heritage usually supply the trims at 1m long as most door ways are that size or smaller but if you require a different length we can do that also as we manufacture the trims, we can machine up to 4ms in length.

Each of the trims are designed for different purposes check out our website for the one you require. If you require a trim and none of the trims are suitable on our website contact the heritage sales team and we can guide you.

if you are unsure on which trim you require do not hesitate to contact our sales team or 01142474917.


Heritage Stair Cladding Conversion Systems

The Heritage Stair Cladding Conversion Systems is one of our most popular products at the minute. The cladding is available in Oak, Ash and Walnut.  Our Oak Stair Cladding Conversion is the most popular cladding as it is the most cost effective way of re-vamping a tired old looking staircase into a modern staircase.

Stair Cladding Conversion - Dark Oiled

This stair cladding to the left is the oak stair cladding which has been stained in a dark oak oil – all the stair cladding is hand finish in our Sheffield workshop. This stair cladding has also been installed by the heritage installation team who have been fitting the cladding for years and guarantee a professional finish.  As you can see this cladding looks fantastic and we had one over the moon customer.


The Heritage Stair Cladding Conversion Systems have been manufactured over sized than a standard staircase so it can be trimmed to size. In the range we have straight steps, winder steps, bullnose steps (bottom step that is curved at one side), Landing connectors (to connect to existing flooring on the top landing), extension boards (if a step is wider than a standard step). In each of the full step packs they contain the riser, tread and riser moulding. As standard the stair cladding is supplied unfinished for you to stain to your requirements but we do offer a pre-finishing service so they cladding is ready to install as soon as received.

You would need to use a polymer adhesive to install the stair cladding, we have our own brand of the polymer adhesive called the Ela-Stick which is ideal for installation of our stair cladding.

If you are unsure of what products you require to convert your staircase please send us a picture and measurements if you have access to do so or call our sales team:

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The Heritage Shelving Collection

Heritage Doors & Floors have a wide range of products which we manufacture. With in the product range we have The Heritage Shelving Collection which is a really popular section.

What Options are available in The Heritage Shelving Collection?

We have glass shelf’s in a range of styles, white and wood trend shelf’s, white, beech and oak radiator shelf’s, and a range of oak floating shelf’s.  So plenty for you to choose from.

unoThe glass shelf’s are available in a range of styles, we have the corner glass shelf, the uno shelf’s which is seen in the picture to the left, a convex shelf which has a shape to the front of the shelf and a fully round shelf. These shelf’s are NOT supplied with the brackets we do have a range of clips and brackets to suit these shelf’s which will really compliment them, but they are sold separately.

2593These are the trend shelf’s which are available in white and a wood finish. There are a range of sizes available. These shelf’s are not supplied with the brackets or clips either, but we do have a wide range available to choose from.


Radiator shelving - OakThe picture to the left is of the Solid oak square pre finished radiator shelf. The radiator shelf’s are becoming increasingly popular at the minute. They are a great way to help keep the heat in a room and for decorative purposes. The radiator shelf’s are available in white, beech and solid oak in square and rounded. The solid oak shelf’s are also available in a unfinished option or pre-finished in a clear oil. In the white and beech shelf’s we only have standard lengths available 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm but we manufacture the solid oak shelf’s so we can machine them to any size. The radiator shelf’s do come with the brackets which are designed to slot behind the radiator so no damage is done to the wall.

21187The floating shelf’s are only available in solid oak which we manufacture so we can machine these to any size. The floating brackets are supplied with these shelf’s. These shelf’s are available unfinished or pre-finished in a clear natural oil.


If you require anymore information on any of our shelving products please contact our sales team:

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Glass Stairparts Installation Guidelines

We at Heritage Doors & Floors LTD stock a wide range of stairparts. We have our experienced fitting team who specialise in fitting all our products which includes stairs, flooring, doors and much more. Here are some Glass Stairparts Installation Guidelines to help you along the way with your fitting process.

Glass Stairparts Installation Guidelines

The picture to the left is of the glass stairparts system once fitted.


Firstly, cut the handrails close to the newels and remove them. Spindles should then come out, followed by the baserails which are normally just screwed, pinned or glued onto the top of the string. Where you have removed balustrade from the landing, its worth checking now that the landing floorboards are reasonably level and if not then level them up. When you come to fix the new baserail down uneven boards can make it hard to get the baserail level. You should be left with just the newels.
The next step is to identify which newels can be removed, and which cannot. Those that cannot, we will cut down to form a base for a replacement top section called a spigot newel. This is basically a newel with a large round spigot on the bottom to help you connect it to the base.

When newels can and cant be removed on a staircase:

The next step is to identify which newels can be removed, and which cannot. Those that cannot, we will cut down to form a base for a replacement top section called a spigot newel. This is basically a newel with a large round spigot on the bottom to help you connect it to the base.

1. Where it is next to a staircase turn, whether this is a winder box or a quarter landing. The base of the newel in these situations holds the treads and strings in this area in place
2. Where a newel part way up or at the top of the stairs runs all the way to the floor. In this case the builder has used the base to add support for some part of the stairs or landing.

If you have purchased unfinished stairparts it would be recommend to finish them before they are fitted as it can get tricky if finished after fitted. The handrails and baserails would be advised to be fitted first as they act as the frame.

If you require anymore information on the stairparts please contact our sales team:

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Solid Oak Flooring Installation Instructions

We, at Heritage Doors & Floors LTD, have our very own experienced fitters who specialise in working with all our hardwood and engineered products. Solid Oak Flooring does need to be fitted in the correct way so below are some key Solid Oak Flooring Installation Instructions that are provided to guide you.

Solid Oak Flooring

Solid Oak Flooring

To the left is a picture of the solid oak flooring before and after the heritage installation team have installed the rustic oak flooring.




How to prepare a sub floor when installing solid oak flooring on to it:

The oak flooring can be laid direct over a concrete screed floor but in this instance it is absolutely critical that the floor is thoroughly dry. You should always work to your screed manufacturers instructions but as a basic guide, a screed will require 1mm per day or an inch per month to dry out. If time is an issue then there are much faster drying screeds that will dry at anything up to 10-15mm per day. Before flooring is laid, the moisture content of the screed needs to be under 6%. It is possible to lay solid hardwood flooring over under floor heating and if special precautions are taken then problems can be minimised although we cannot guarantee this installation. A underlay would need to be used.The flooring can also be laid direct on to an exisiting flooring again a underlay would need to be used for extra protection for the flooring.

Whenever possible we recommend to lay the flooring as a floating floor by just used a PVA wood glue to fit the tongue and grooves together, this will allow the flooring to move as a surface. This is the best way to fit a floor as it is a natural product so the flooring will expand and contract.  We believe that if the flooring is stuck directly down it will be restricted which could result in the flooring breaking at the weakest point possible.

Finishing the flooring is a key factor we recommend to use a hardwax oil there are 2 products we work with which are treatex and osmo. We would recommend 2 coats to be applied this will protect the flooring also.  .

If you require anymore information please contact our sales team:

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The Heritage Spindle Collection

Heritage Doors & Floors LTD have a wide range of stair parts which is growing very quickly. The Heritage Spindle Collection has a large variety to choose from timber spindles, to metal and even glass panels.

Scala Oak Chrome 01 webThe Latest range which has been added to the heritage stair parts range is our metal range which is called Scala. The picture to the left is of the scala stair parts once fitted, and it does look fantastic. The spindles are available in chrome or black and we offer the newel caps to match again in chrome and black.  Both are just as popular as each other.

What spindles are available in The Heritage Spindle Collection?

We at Heritage offer the timber spindles in a range of different styles, finishes and timbers. The timbers available are pine, oak and white painted.  The styles we have to offer are from a plain square, stop chamfer, fluted and colonial/turned.(certain timbers offer the plain and stop chamfered only)
We then have the metal spindles and glass panels available if you don’t require the standard spindles.

We have recently added a pre- finished option to our spindle range. As standard they are unfinished but we now can hand finish the spindles in our workshop in Sheffield.

The colours available are:

0000000804Clear natural oil



0000000790Medium Oak Oil



Prefinished Flooring - Antique OakAntique Oak Oil



0000000792Ebony Oil



The spindles are available in widths of 32 x 32mm to fit a 32mm groove handrail and baserail or 41 x 41mm to fit a 41mm groove handrail and baserail. The standard lengths of spindles are 900mm which will match building regulations for a residential property. We also have 1100mm spindles in for a commercial property.

The gap between each spindle can not exceed 100mm again this will match building regulations. This is the same for all styles of balusters i.e glass panels the gap between each panel can not exceed 100mm.

On the staircase you will require 2 spindles per step and on the landing you just need to space the spindles out so the gap is at most 100mm between each.

If you require anymore information on our stair parts or require assistance to work out what items you will need to convert your stairs please contact our sales team:

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