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The Handy Pine Handbook – The 2023 Guide to Our Excellent Softwood Products!

We are well known for our Solid Oak Ledged doors and other solid oak products but what some customers don’t know is that we can also supply their favourite products in pine.

Where is our Pine timber from?

Our pine timber is sourced from Northern Swedish and Finnish mills, typically in the Northern 3rd if the Gulf of Bothnia. Sourcing our timber from here ensures that we are only using pine from these colder northern regions which makes for a slower grown, denser timber with smaller knots which is better for stability.

What are the benefits of using Pine?

Pine is a great timber to use for many products due to it being readily available and it is very easy to cut and mould. Even though Pine is a softwood it is still extremely strong and is more resistant to shrinkage and warping that some other timbers, The grain in Pine is also very attractive and can be emphasised by using a wood oil or wax. This timber is also very cost effective to buy which means we can offer strong quality products for affordable prices. Like our Oak products our Pine is PEFC certified.

Internal Pine Doors

We can do our most popular Ledged Door style in Pine, which is available in both our V Groove and Bead and Butt profiles. We typically use 5″ wide raw material for our Pine ledged doors rather than the more common and cheaper 4″ wide pine, this makes for a much better looking, more robust door. We also manufacture the door with 20mm thick verticals, most of the cheaper doors on the market use 15mm thicko verticals, this again helps add to the robust nature of the door.

Pine Dimensional Drawing

Pine Dimensional Drawing


Like our Oak doors, each and every door is handmade in our Sheffield factory, the ledges are glued, pinned and hydraulically pressed, they are not simply stapled together as you will see on most mass-market pine ledged doors. This process makes our doors by far the strongest and most durable in the UK.

In our Ledged Door range, you can also have Pine versions of :-

  • Bifold and Stable Doors
  • Glazed and Unglazed Option
  • With either 3, 4 or 5 Ledges

Our most recent addition to our Pine door range is the Framed & Ledged internal door. These are manufactured in a rustic grade of Pine which, like all of our timber, is specially kiln dried to 8 – 10% for use indoors. These are perfect for older properties due to the character in the wood.

To make these doors we laminate 2 solid sections of pine for the frames which are then hydraulically press assembled on state of the art machinery and then joined together with twin dowels, this to ensure a strong-lasting door with good stability.

Prefinishing Your Doors

We offering a finishing service for all our Pine doors, this means that we can prefinish your doors in your finish of choice in our state of the art spray booth which gives the doors a high quality finish. Although we can put a Clear, Medium Oak or Dark Oak finish on your pine doors the most common choice of finish for a Pine door is to have them painted. We offer white as a standard colour however we can finish them in a custom colour for you, we just need to know the RAL code or the brand and colour you want to match and we can then get our supplier to create a match.

Glacier Grey









Pine Mouldings

We have found that quite a lot of our customers who inquire about door linings and architrave are wanting to paint them, rather than leave them unfinished/clear oiled as if it is paired with an Oak door this can create quite a heavy wood/ traditional look for a home which is not ideal if you are looking for a more modern look. There is no reason why you cannot paint Oak mouldings but as it is quite expensive to purchase, customers are reluctant to paint over it, which is why we decided to manufacture Pine versions of our mouldings so this is a more cost effective option and designed to be painted.

Chamfer Profile

Bullnose Profile

Torus Profile
















Our softwood architrave sets are available in the 3 most popular profiles Bullnose, Torus and Chamfer. Just like our oak architrave sets they are 69 x 20mm and they come in a set which includes 2 x 2.1m legs and 1 x 1m head, perfect for cutting down to size on site.

We supply our softwood door linings in 2 different sizes, 132mm and 146mm, they are all 32mm thick and have a 15 x 4mm groove in them for if you need a fire rated door lining. The groove is set to centralise the intumescent seal on a 44mm fire door.

For our skirting, likes the oak ones we do this double sides profiles and they are available in 3.2m lengths. The skirting however is only available in a 115mm width.

One of the many benefits of purchasing our softwood architrave and door linings is that unlike other suppliers and manufacturers we supply ours in sets, which means you do not get the wastage you often get when buying random lengths.