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Your New Handy Hardware Guide 2022

Once you have purchased your door its time to choose the hardw

are to go with it and we know that it can
sometimes be difficult to know what hardware you can use with which doors and what sort of style to go for.
We have created the below guide to help you along with your hardware choices and to let you know what options
we offer with each door.

Internal Ledged Doors

Oak and Pine

Our internal ledged doors are great for period properties, they are found in all styles of homes from country cottages
to barn conversions so why not keep your hardware in with the same style and order some of the below hardware to
make sure your door suits it’s settings.

Beeswax and Pewter Hardware kits

These kits include 2 x 18″ Tee Hinges and 1 x Suffolk Thumblatch and would be all you need to hang one of our doors.
If you decide you would like a latch with a bit more style why not choose or Beeswax Hear Door Hardware Set complete with
2 x 18″ Tee Hinges and Thumblatch with a heart design.

Pewter Full Kit Web

Pewter Ledged Door Hardware Kit


Beeswax Full Ledged Door Set Web

Beeswax Hand Forged Full Ledged Door Hardware Kit


Bi-Fold Hinges and Tee Hinges

If you have ordered a bi-fold door as standard they do not come with the hinges that
hold the two halves together, so why not get these to match the hardware and get either our Pewter or Beeswax ‘H’ Hinges.

Bifold with Hinges Web

Our 12″ Tee hinges are a great way to hang your Bi-fold door if you decide not to use a bi-fold tracking system,
they are designedto cope with the weight of our solid oak and pine doors and above all, really set the look of the
door off.

Pewter T Hinges

Pull Handles and Bolts

If you have a cupboard door or even a Bi – fold that doesn’t require locking that why not try our Beeswax Pull Handles,
available in both a 4″ and 6″ length these are perfect finish to your ledged door.

Pull Handle Range Bean End Web

If you have purchased an internal stable door and need something to hold the two parts of the door together then our Beeswax bolts are an ideal choice,
available in 4″ or 6″ lengths and either cranked or straight, these have a multitude of uses and can even be used if have a set of french doors and you
want to have a fixed door and can bolt the door into the frame. They are also an alternative to Suffolk Latches if you are wanting to have a bolt on a bathroom door.

Internal Framed and Ledged Doors

Oak and Pine

Framed and ledged doors are a superb heavyweight door that are a common feature in period homes. Bridging the gap between ledged doors
and more intricate panelled doors, Framed and Ledged doors are a great choice for a quality look and feel in a style that adds unpretentious
charm to your home.

Hardware Packs

For our Framed and Ledged doors, unfortunately our Beeswax or Pewter sets are not suitable to be used with these and for this reason we
have created full hardware packs with a choice of different handles and also with the added option of adding a privacy lock if needed for a bathroom door.
These hardware packs can be supplied loose or we can pre-fit them to the door for you to help make fitting the door on site easier.

Each Hardware Pack comes with:-

1 x Choice of Handle1 x EASI – T HEAVY SPRUNG TUBULAR LATCH 76MM (satin stainless steel)
3 x 76MM X 66MM X 2.5MM BALL BEARING HINGE – GRADE 11 (satin stainless steel)

The handle choices we offer are all in Antique Black and are as below

Internal Engineered Doors

Engineered doors are a perfect fit for any modern or traditional property, available in a number of different styles and with many glazing options there is a engineered door to suit any property. We sell engineered doors in both Standard and custom sizes and have the hardware options available to suit both.

Hinge and Latch Packs

Carlisle Brass’s Hinge & Latch pack is a quick and easy choice for fitting internal engineered doors.
The pack includes a 76mm Bolt through tubular latch and 3 x 2.5″ Ball Bearing Hinges.


Full Door Hardware Kit

We have created full hardware packs with a choice of different handles and also with the added option of adding a privacy lock
if needed for a bathroom door.These hardware packs can be supplied loose or we can pre-fit them to the door for you to help
make fitting the door on site easier. Please note that we can only pre-fit the hardware to our custom made doors.

Each Hardware Kit contains:

1 x Handle Pair
1 x Latch
1 x Strike and Fixing Pack
3 x Ball Bearing Hinges

Choose the privacy option to receive an additional:

1 x Deadbolt Lock
1 x Strike and Fixing Pack for Deadbolt
1 x Thumb Turn to match handle

External Doorsets

Our External doors are available in a number of different stiles, thicknesses and timber so we really do have a door out there to suit everybody. There are lots of different hardware options dependent on the thickness of door you have chosen. Our custom sized doorsets are a great choice for the homeowners looking for a stylish door backed up with quality British manufacturing.

44mm – Oak and Red Grandis Doorset

Each 44mm doorset is hinged with with 3 adjustable hinges to all you to fine tune the door to a perfect fit. You can choose from either a nightlatch style lock or a 5 lever mortice lock with your choice of handles

56mm Oak Doorset Feature


Where a nightlatch is specified, this is an insurance approved ERA nightlatch to BS3621 and your door will also be fitted with a separate deadbolt, fitted with a Euro Cylinder.
It has a key operation to the outside with inner thumbturn, this ensures that Part Q building regulation as well as insurance requirements are met.
You do not need to have a handle if you are choosing this option, however this does not mean you cannot have one. Some customers prefer to have a handle on the outside so you have a door knob fitted if you are looking for a more traditional look or a long bar pull handle should you be looking for a more contemporary look.

ERA Nightlatch



5 Lever Mortice Lock

With this option your doorset will be fitted with a 5 lever mortice sashlock manufactured to BS3621 standards with built in mortice lock. You also get a choice of a Lever on back plate handle with this lock available in either black or chrome. We are not limited to the handles we have on our website and should you not see a style you like please just let us know and we can check with our supplier if they do the option you would prefer.


56mm – Oak and Accoya

Each 56mm is hinged with 3 fully adjustable hinges and lock keeps all for perfect adjustment once the door is installed. They are also fitted with a German made multipoint locking systems for the best security. “Slam Shut” style systems are used to better reflect the feel of a traditional timber door, there is no need to like the handle to engage the deadlocks, all deadlocks engage automatically just by shutting the door. All locks are fitted with high quality Eurocylinder locks and supplied with 3 keys.

56mm Oak Doorset Feature

You can choose between a High Level and Mid Level lock. If you choose to have the high level locking system then you can have a finger pull fitted or a long bar pull handle. If you select the mid-level lock then you can choose from our selection of Lever on Backplate handles. As with the 44mm doors if you do not see a style you like please just let us know and we can check with our supplier if they do an option that you would prefer.

56mm Oak Doorset Feature

Multipoint Locking System

56mm Oak Doorset Featureavon

Other Optional Hardware

With these external doorsets there are number of optional extras that you can choose to have fitted to your door. You can choose to have letter plate, door knocker and spyhole also fitted to your door, please note however that depending on the door you choose this can limit where you can have these fitted due to the thickness in the panels.
There are more hardware options available that will be supplied loose to be fitted on site such as door numbers or door studs, these are available to purchase from our Hardware page on the website.