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The Number 1, Easy To Follow Guide On How to Order a Heritage External Door!

So, you’ve decided you want a new External door, well you have come to the right place. Here at Heritage we have a large range of External Doors in a number of different styles and lots of options to choose from. We understand this can be a huge task and rather daunting so we have created this guide to help you on your door buying journey.

Step One – Measuring your External Door Opening

First things first you need to know if you just need a new door or if you need a frame as well. Once you know this you need to measure the opening you have.

If you are just wanting the door then the easiest way to get the measurements is to measure the door that you currently have, we will need to know the height x width x thickness to be able to give you a quotation.

If you are wanting a door and frame then you just need to measure the opening you have, we will need the height and the width of this and we will then make a frame to suit this. Don’t worry about giving us a door size, we will be able to work out what the door size will be based on the opening sizes you have provided us with.

How to Measure for your External Door

Step Two – Choosing your Door

You now have your opening size so next thing you need to do is choose the thickness you want the door to be, what material it is made from and the style you would like.

You can choose to have either a 44mm or 56mm thick door, if you don’t mind which one you have then just measure your current door and have the same thickness.

Once you have your thickness you need to decide whether you want Solid Oak*, Red Grandis or Accoya. Not sure which one to choose, check our FAQ blog post where we advise the difference between of the timbers we offer and which option is better for you.

Now that the boring bit is out of the way, it’s now time to choose the style of door you want for your home. We offer anything from fully glazed to no glass at all. Don’t see a style you want or want to make some changes to a style you have seen, then just get in touch and we will do what we can to make sure you get the door you want.

*Solid Oak doors should always be under a porch or canopy that prevents regular exposure to rain. Where this is not possible then Accoya should always be specified and fitted. Unfinished Oak doors are not covered under our guarantee








Step Three – Choose your Glass and Finish

We have a number of different glass options to choose from. We can do just Clear or Frosted glass or if you wanted something a bit different and unique why not go for Stained glass. If you don’t see any glass you would like then just send us an image of the style of glass you would like to and then someone from our friendly sales team will get back to you with a price. Take a look below at some that we have done before.

We can offer a variety of different finishes available for our external doors and frames. You can choose to just have a simple Clear, Medium or Dark Oak finish to your door or you can choose to have your door painted.

We can do a White or Black finish as standard or you can have a custom colour to match the style of your home, all you need to do is let us know the RAL code or if you don’t know this then just let us know the brand and colour you want us to match and we can get our paint supplier to match.

On very rare occasions our supplier may not have the colour you want on record, if this is the case we can still match we will just need you to supply us with the colour card or a wet sample which we can send across to them and they can then match this. We can paint the door and frame in the same colour or if you would prefer your frame to be a different colour then don’t worry, just let us know and we can then do this for you.

Here are some images of just some of the colours we have done for our customers to help give you some inspiration.

External Door

Farrow and Ball Nancy’s Blushes

Dulux Heritage – Oxford Blue

The Little Green Paint Company – Normandy Grey









Step Four – Choose your Hardware

We have a lot of options for you to choose from when it comes to hardware and the choices are limitless. If you don’t see what you like, please just send us an image of the style you would like and we can speak to our supplier to see if this is something we can do for you. Once you have chosen your hardware we will fit the hardware to your door for you. You just need to let us which side you want the hinges on, when looking from the outside and leave the rest to us. Take a look at our blog post to see all the lock and handle options we have available.

Please note that the handles will be shipped separately to avoid any damage they may get whilst in transit. We do not fit any knockers or spy holes, these will have to be fitted on site.

Step 5 – Placing your order and Confirming

So you have just designed your dream front door, what do you do now. You can place the order through the website or contact us directly. Once payment has been made you will receive an order confirmation and a detailed dimensional drawing that we just need you to check and confirm before we will send your door into production and Voila! Your dream door is on order. As soon as your order is ready we will be in contact to arrange a suitable delivery date for you

Example Dimensional Drawing


There you have our step by step guide to ordering your external door, we know that sometimes you  need to ask questions or prefer to speak to someone with it being such an expensive purchase so feel free to give us a call on 01142 474 917 or drop us an email and someone from our expert sales team will be more than happy to help.