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Welsh Holiday Cottage – Superb Renovation 2022

Welsh Cottage Renovation

Purchasing a property is a big commitment for anyone to take on, but to purchase a home with the intention of completely renovating it is an even bigger decision and not one to be taken lightly. That’s what happened when one of our customers purchased a cottage in the Welsh countryside, in May 2022 with the intention of renting it out as a holiday home, with its perfect location near the Welsh coast it was the ideal property to purchase.

The Property

Originally built in the 1800’s the cottage was generally structurally sound but it was extremely outdated. It was going to need a complete renovation and refit and was going to be a big job, the entire home was going to be gutted from top to bottom and was not an easy feat.

Front & Back External Doors

It had very old PVC windows and doors fitted, which were removed and sent off to be recycled. The Front door was replaced with a Red Grandis Hardwood External 4 Panel Clear Glazed door. This was supplied from us a full complete door set with the frame and ironmongery included.

It was all painted by us as well using our state of the art spray facility and was done in RAL7032 which was chosen by the customer to match their windows. As you can see from the images below, the new front door and windows along with work in the garden gave the cottage a much needed uplift at the front of the property.

Ynata, Before

Front Before

Ynata, After

Front After








For the back of property, an External Clear Glazed Stable door was chosen with astragal bars to give the appearance of 4 separate panes of glass. The door was again supplied in Red Grandis and painted to match the front door and came fully fitted in the frame with all the hardware already fitted to the door to make it easier to fit on site.

Stable doors are a great choice for back doors as they let in the much needed fresh air whilst also keeping your pets and small children safe in the home. As you can see from the images below with all the other renovations done to the rear of the property it definitely helps modernise the property.

Rear Before

Rear After








Internal Doors

With the outside all done and secured it was time to sort the internal out. There were a number of doors that needed replacing both upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs the customer decided on our soild Oak Framed and Ledged doors, these are perfect for use on bedrooms and bathrooms as they are a sturdy 40mm thick door which is perfect for keeping the heat in the rooms and the thickness allows for a bit of sound proofing.

We also supplied them with solid Pine door linings and architrave, supplied oversized these are great for when you have those none standard sized openings as they can be cut to size on site to suit the opening sizes allowing for the perfect fit. As these were supplied the customer chose to paint them to match other mouldings in the home.

For the downstairs, the customer wanted to allow more light to run through the home so chose our Engineered Pattern 10 doors fitted with clear glass. These are perfect for allowing light to filter into the room without having to keep the door open as it has one full pane of 4mm toughened glass so the room can be naturally lit without letting any heat out.

Due to the age of the cottage none of the doors were going to be standard sizes so all the doors ordered had to be custom made here in our Sheffield Factory. The customer provided us with the sizes they needed for each individual door and we manufactured each door to their bespoke sizes.

Internal Doors Before

Internal Doors After

Pattern 10 Doors

Stair Parts and other Mouldings

Moving onto the stairs, the current set up was very dated with the floor to ceiling newel posts and horizontal timber boards all painted in white and was in need of a very serious upgrade.
To fit in with all the renovations they had done with the rest of the cottage the customer wanted to pull the current one out and replace with our solid oak full and half chamfered newel posts, chamfered spindles, handrail, baserail and newel caps. To complete the look they used our black handrail connectors to fit the handrails to the newel and it just finishes the look of the top of the stairs off nicely.

Top of Stairs Before

Top of Stairs After








The timber we supply can be used in a number of different ways and not just for ledged doors. Our customer decided to us our Pine Bead & Butt boards – that we use for our ledged doors – as paneling which was fitted behind the beds in one of the bedroom and in the dining room. Once fitted this it was then painted to suit the rest of the home and the results look absolutely fantastic.

Bedroom Panels

Dining Room Panels








And there you have it, this is a cosy home away from home and will be a great place to spend a long weekend away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and us here at Heritage are glad we were able to supply the products the customer needed to help with their renovation.