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Say Hello to Our Brand New Prime Doors

We sell our Internal Oak Ledged Doors in 3 grades, Rustic, Select Rustic and Prime. Our biggest sellers are our Rustic and Select Rustic grades however more recently we are getting more and more orders for our Prime Grade.

Why is there an issue with Prime Doors?

In recent months the price of timber has soared and it is difficult to get hold of Prime timber as most places do not specifically sell Prime grade, you just have to purchase a Select Rustic Grade and use the boards from this that are most within the specification of Prime Grade. When we were only getting small orders for Prime timber this option worked fine as we got enough Prime Boards out of a load to cover the orders we were getting. As Prime grade is becoming more and more popular this is no longer a viable or sustainable option as we do not get enough timber to suit the orders coming through.

We had no other choice but to look at alternate ways to source/make our Prime doors in order to fulfil our orders as otherwise we would have had to stop listing them – which wasn’t really a road we wanted to go down as orders were picking up for them.

How have we fixed the issue?

After trialing many options, we have found a way to make our Prime Ledged doors. These will now be made from finger jointed timber and will then have a veneer stuck to the two faces of the door. The Ledges will then be pinned and glued as usual.

The edges of the door will not be veneered, these will be left bare so you will be able to see the joints in the edges of the door.

Benefits to the New Method

  1. Lead times for our Prime doors will be slightly quicker as we will no longer have to wait for Prime grade timber to be delivered
  2. From the face of the door there will be no visual difference, it will look the same as our old Prime doors which is perfect if you want to match ones you have already bought from us – See images below, to see the differences between the old and new boards.
  3. You can still finish the doors with a water based finish, with most veneers you can’t use water based products however with the glue we use it is still OK to use this.
  4. There is less waste, as we are using off cuts of timber to fingerjoint together to make these door, we are producing less waste timber.


Prime Doors

Old Prime Boards

Prime Doors

New Prime Boards









Prime Doors

Old Style Prime Door


Prime Door

New Style Prime Door









Downsides to the New Method

  1. We are not veneering the edges of the door, so you will still be able to see the joints in the timber along the edges of the door- Please see images below to see this.
Prime Door

Joints on Edge of Door

Prime Door

Joints on Edge of Door










As you can see from the above there are definitely more Pros to the new method then there are downsides, which is another reason we have moved to this new method of manufacture – the Pro’s 100% outweigh the cons!

So, don’t waste any time and click here to purchase your new Prime Door!