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Ledged Doors – Updated Oak Grades Specifications

Here at Heritage, we have always had multiple oak grades available when purchasing an oak ledged door. By grading, we mean the quality and appearance of the oak used in the doors. Over time, we like to gather feedback from our customers and improve where we can. This, mixed with new production procedures and machines, means we have been able to edit our specifications to make them more specific and clear for our customers when purchasing

Our oak grades consist of 3 options –

  • Retail Rustic
  • Select Rustic
  • Prime
What are the differences?

Rustic oak grades are perfect for more traditional properties – such as old cottages and barn conversions. Prime is a great option for more modern properties or for customers who prefer a more plain look.

If you are a lover of natural character, rustic is the way to go!

None of our grades compromise on structure and are all made in the exact same way. Differences are purely cosmetic.

Regardless of grade chosen, all of our timber is PEFC Certified.

Oak Grades: Retail Rustic (also known as rustic or tavern grade)

One of the main key features of our rustic grade is the finger jointed ledges, you will not find these in any other grade. We use this machining method to minimise timber waste, and to also add an old style feel to the door. You may receive up to 4 finger joints per ledge, however if these are not for you, we recommend upgrading to our select rustic grade.

The image on the right shows a worst case scenario of the finger joints that can be present in a retail rustic graded door.

Other Features include:

• 50mm diameter max
• Less than 10mm deep, stay unfilled
• Over 10mm deep, filled

Not limited in size or quantity
Filler is used if daylight can be seen

Breakout/Rough Patches
Not limited in depth and area
Sharp edges are sanded

Not limited in size or quantity

Finger Jointed Ledges
Blue stain
Cosmetic Splits
Pinworm, burn marks (sand out), feed roller/chatter marks, rotten timber (one face, sand out)

Not Allowed



Oak Grades: Select Rustic (our most popular grade)

Our most highly sold grade by far, our select rustic door has a perfect mix of natural features, without the sometimes extremities of the retail rustic grade.

Grading is as follows:

· 50mm diameter max
Select Rustic V Grooved Ledged Door Rear WebSelect Rustic V Grooved Ledged Door Web· Less than 10mm deep leave unfilled
· Over 10mm deep fill

· 50mm long, 10mm deep max. Fill

Breakout/Rough Patches
· 2mm deep max
· 20% face max

· 30% face max

Cosmetic Splits

Not Allowed
Pinworm, burn marks, blue stain, feed roller/chatter
marks, rotten timber


Oak Grades: Prime

Prime grade is our highest end grade and is perfect for those who prefer a more plain and smooth look. Still traditional, the prime doors give a clean look to any property. Our prime grade has minimal knots and character with mainly clear boards.

Knots Prime Bead _ Butt Ledged Door Web
Solid Knots Only
25mm Diameter max
10mm deep max

Breakout/Rough Patches
1mm Deep max
10% face max

Superficial Checks, Shakes, etc.Prime Bead _ Butt Ledged Door Rear Web Compact
Max 100mm

Not Allowed
Loose knots, daylight, rough patches, structural checks/shakes/splits, worm holes, blue stain, burn marks, feed roller/chatter marks, heart wood, sap wood, rotten timber