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Ledged Doors – Updated Oak Grades Specifications

Here at Heritage, we have always had multiple oak grades available when purchasing an oak ledged door. By grading, we mean the quality and appearance of the oak used in the doors. Over time, we like to gather feedback from our customers and improve where we can. This, mixed with new production procedures and machines, means we have been able to edit our specifications to make them more specific and clear for our customers when purchasingOur oak grades consist of...

Your Exclusive 2022 Guide to External Doors – What you need to know?

We understand that looking for an external door can be confusing at times and there are many things you need to look out for in terms of designs and what you can and can't do in order to meet building regulations. Here, we have tried to give you as much information as we can in order to help you make a decision and to make it easier for you to purchase the door you require. What is a Solid Wood Door? External...

Your Free Number 1 Guide to Our Internal Glazed Doors

We get asked a number of question regarding glass in internal glazed doors , so we have created this to help ease any confusion anyone may have regarding glazing for hardwood doors. Internal Glazed Doors - Can you buy them? In short, the answer is Yes. Glazed internal doors are hugely popular as they allow natural and artificial light to flow through and brighten up a darkened room. We have recently just started selling glazed oak doors and can supply a number...

oak door aftercare

Aftercare: How to Look After Your Solid Oak Door

Oak Door Aftercare: What Can I Expect From a Solid Oak Door? Most of our doors and products are hand crafted from kiln dried, natural oak. Oak is not only a beautiful timber, but it is also very strong, characterful and high quality. This means, however, we must provide them with adequate care in order for the natural timber to thrive and perform it's intended purpose. Oak door aftercare is so important for a long lasting, quality door. ProsHigh quality timber ...