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19th Century Cottage: A Heritage Enhancement

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Who Owns this 19th Century Cottage?

Ben has used our very own solid Oak PSE to create a stunning radiator cover as seen in the image below.

Additionally, he also needed s

ome oak ledged doors to complete the look of his 19th Century Cottage, which was built in 1889. As a result, the cottage is needing a huge renovation. This will appear in a well-known country life magazine later in the year.

Ben Mortlock works for Tods Defence Ltd and owns a beautiful 19th century cottage on the Heritage Coast in West Dorset.

Ben needed quite a few items. As the cottage built over a hundred years ago, the rooms proved to have some unusual dimensions. Due to this, we had to make a lot of custom products for him.

19th Century Cottage Shelf

The doors were very easy to fit, we hardly had to plane anything off. They look lovely, we’re really pleased with them

How did Heritage help with this 19th Century Cottage Project?

Ben first contacted us when he needed some good quality, planed Oak timber to complete a custom radiator cover. Henceforth, Heritage supplied products from our Oak PSE range, produced from a select rustic grade of oak. This proved to be perfect for the job! Notably, the resulting radiator cabinet looks absolutely fantastic.

The next job for Ben was to replace his old, tired doors. He really liked the look of Heritage’s oak ledged doors. However, initially, he wasn’t sure if they would fit in with his budget. With this in mind, Heritage worked up a quote for Ben, who was looking for the very best price. The quotation proved to be much more affordable than expected.

Custom Sizes

In an old 19th century cottage, you rarely get standard measurements! Consequently, all of the door sizes were different. None of the frames were square – this meant he would need everything to be bespoke. Each door was supplied to a custom size and slightly over. This allowed Ben to plane the doors to fit.

In essence, very little had to be taken off and the doors were both easy to fit and transformed the look of the property.

Ben chose a select rustic grade of oak with the subtle look of the V Groove verticals, finished off with Heritage beeswax hardware. We think the end result looks stunning in his 19th Century Cottage and Ben agrees! Check out more customer images here!

Our Oak Timber

Our oak timber is responsibly sourced from France and is PEFC certified. All timber goes through a special kiln drying process to ensure timber is fit for use before it even arrives with us. We provide a mixture of solid timber products and oak engineered items. Please check each listing description and look out for ‘Solid Timber’ or ‘Engineered Oak’ to ensure the product is the right fit for you.

Where can I get mine?

Do you have a 19th century cottage, old property or barn conversion? Ledged doors are the perfect option for you! Our solid oak timber and ledged doors are available to purchase on our website. We offer a range of timber grades, profiles, finishing options and accessories to truly personalise your purchase. We offer standard sizes as part of our stock, or we can custom make doors to your exact measurements. All we need is your width and height, and we will make and deliver your new door in 7-10 working days.

If you’d like to contact us directly for a quotation, our friendly sales team are on hand and happy to help. Please give us a call on 01142474917 or email us at for a personalised quote. We try to offer the very best prices on our website, but we can usually do discounts for multiple items and bulk orders!