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Your Free Number 1 Guide to Our Internal Glazed Doors

We get asked a number of question regarding glass in internal glazed doors , so we have created this to help ease any confusion anyone may have regarding glazing for hardwood doors.

Internal Glazed Doors – Can you buy them?

In short, the answer is Yes. Glazed internal doors are hugely popular as they allow natural and artificial light to flow through and brighten up a darkened room. We have recently just started selling glazed oak doors and can supply a number or internal doors with different styles of glass to suit all concepts and needs.

 What sort of glass can you get in internal doors?

Oak internal doors can be supplied with any sort of glass dependent on what sort of style you are looking for. For more period properties you can have our solid oak ledged doors fitted with the Buttermere or Patterdale glass, with real lead strips they will be perfect fit for this setting.

If you are looking for more of a modern feel to your home then you can have clear or low iron glass fitted into our solid oak ledged doors or into our custom engineered doors.

If its privacy you require (a bathroom or WC) then obscure/frosted glass will be ideal for this, it lets natural light in but you cannot see out and no one can see in.















Internal Glazed Doors – Prefinished

Our prefinished doors can also be supplied with glass, we would just prefinish the doors before we fitted the glass to ensure that the door was properly coated and that no finish got on the glass.

If you choose to have your glazed door unfinished, this will still need to be finished on site. The glass will already be pre-fitted into the glass opening so we recommend that you use some tape* on the edge of the glass just to make sure to protect it when you are finishing the beading.

*Dependent on what tape is used a small amount of adhesive may be left on the glass, this should just wipe off with a damp cloth.

How much do internal Glazed Doors cost?

The cost of internal glazed doors can vary and it is all dependent on a number of factors

  • Material – Solid oak is more expensive than softwood so this will play a massive part in how much the door costs
  • Style of door – We have many different styles of doors, ledged, stable, framed and ledged, engineered, dependent on which one you choose will depend on the base cost of the door.
  • Type and size of glass – Some types of glass are going to be slightly more expensive than others and also if you have quite a large door this would mean the glass needed would be larger that usual so this will add slightly to the cost.