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Solid Oak Skirting Samples

£7.50 Incl. VAT

Skirting comes in three different moulded profiles, Torus, Bullnose and Chamfer.  Which one you choose can have a strong visual impact on your rooms.

Why not use our sample service to help you decide which you skirting profile you would like?  We’ll send you a short section of the one you choose.

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Samples of our solid oak skirting are a great way to help you make up your mind about whether that product works for you.

At Heritage we want you to be happy with the products before you order them, particularly as many of the lines are custom-made.  Finishes, in particular, are useful to see in person, as they can look slightly different from the internet or brochures images.

Our sample service helps you to choose what is going to work for you.  We currently charge £7.50 for samples, however, if you like your sample and wish to move on to a product order, there will be a special code within your sample pack which will discount the order by £7.50.

Solid Oak Skirting

We offer our solid oak skirting  in a choice of 2 heights, 115mm and 142mm. The three most popular designs are all available, chamfer, torus and bullnose (sometimes called pencil round). If you wish to see one profile in particular as a sample please let us know in the notes box in the checkout and we will do our best to get this sent out to you.

We take rustic grade US white oak and machine the boards through one of industrial moulder so you get a good quality finish.  On occasion we may also finger joint lengths where it has not been possible to buy the correct length raw material. This does not affect the strength of the oak and helps us maintain the best possible prices,.


Samples should be received within 3-5 Working Days


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