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Glass & Oak Staircase Rejuvenation

Don’s stairs were a study in 1970’s design and needed updating. However, they were an unusual design! Fortunately, our Heritage Glass & Oak Stair Parts came to the rescue.

Glass & Oak Stair Kit – The Customer

Don Noble lives in a cottage in the delightful village of Lechlade on Thames in Gloucestershire.

His staircase was fitted in the 70s. The design was really dated and therefore held back an otherwise bright and airy room. Sapele hardware balustrade was fitted to an open riser staircase and so, the effect was dark and uninviting.

Consequently, Don was looking to create a modern, bright look to his home and turned to Heritage Stair cladding and Glass stair parts to complete the design. Luckily, we did a Glass & Oak Stair Kit to help with Don’s project.

The products were very adaptable considering our unusual stairs. They look lovely, we’re really pleased with the result

The Refurb

Don’s staircase needed a complete makeover, nonetheless it was quite an unusual design. It contained open risers and the string protruding a considerable way at the bottom with a bullnose first step.

Don contacted us at Heritage and we worked through with him how our oak stair cladding could transform his stairs. Don opted to keep the bullnose first step, and made a feature of it by fitting two bullnose riser kits back to back. This created a dramatic look to the entrance of the staircase.

Open risers also provided another unusual challenge but by adding some extra
support, Don was able to utilise Heritage’s standard straight tread packs to convert the stairs to oak.

End Result

Next to go, was the dark old balustrade currently haunting his hallway. Heritage stock glass panels fitted with oak newel posts and handrails replaced this. Additionally, bright chrome newel caps and glass panel brackets brightened up the space beautifully.

The complete transformation of the stairs created the superb end result. Hence creating a now modern and fresh look. Moreover, the glass panels’ light can now flood down the stairs and into the living room.

As well as light benefits, the panels produce a more modernized and up to date feel to the whole house.

Don is delighted with his new staircase! Favorably, it was a fraction of the cost of replacing his entire stairs. We would say this is a huge achievement for our customer.