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Architrave Sets

£48.74£60.95 Incl. VAT

Solid oak architrave sets are a great way to finish off your internal doorways.

We offer architrave in sets with 2 vertical legs and a head, ideal for one side of a doorway with little waste.  Choose from Bullnose, Torus or Chamfer profiles in either single or double door widths



Solid French oak architrave, supplied in door kits so you have no waste. Available in 3 popular styles and 2 widths.

Architrave sets are manufactured from a select grade of oak. The timber will be mostly clear, with the odd few knots. This means these architrave sets will blend well with either our rustic or prime oak doors.  It is not possible to buy oak in the fixed lengths that we supply the architrave sets in. To get around this we start with lengths of oak at around 1.0 – 1.5 metres long, and fingerjoint these together to get the correct overall length needed.

You can choose from one of 3 popular profiles; chamfer, bullnose (or pencil round as its sometimes called) and Torus. Our sets are also available in single or double doorway widths. Each set of consists of 2 uprights at 2.1m and 1 head. Single doorway kits have the head at 1.1m and with double doorway kits the head is 2.1m.

The mouldings are finished at 69mm wide and are a generous 20mm thick. Each set is enough to do one side of each door. By supplying as sets, you do not get the wastage you often get when buying random length architrave sold by the metre.

Additional information

Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions210 × 8 × 8 cm

Torus, Bullnose, Chamfer


Single Doorway, Double Doorway

Timber Grades

Architrave sets are made from a selected grade of French oak. Most of the board will be clear with the occasional knot to highlight the solid oak nature of the architrave.On occasion we may also fingerjoint lengths where it is not possible to buy the correct length raw material. This does not affect the strength of the oak and helps us to maintain the best possible prices.

Standard and Custom Sizes

Architrave sets are also available in single or double doorway widths.Single Doorway Kits Each set of consists of 2 uprights at 2.1m and 1 head at 1.1m. This will complete one side of a single doorwayDouble Doorway Kits Each set of consists of 2 uprights at 2.1m and 1 head also at 2.m. This will complete one side of a double doorway


Oak architrave is supplied machined to a smooth surface finish and supplied bare ready for you to prefinish on site.When oak is machined you can sometimes get slight lifting of the grain in small areas, particlarly where the grain varies such as around knots. This can be easily sanded smooth prior to applying a finish and is normal for this timber.


Oak architrave sets will normally be delivered to you with a parcel courier. Typically we use overnight couriers for this product to allow us to agree a day of delivery with the customer


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