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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you manufacture your own products or are you a distributor?

A: We manufacture almost all of our product lines such as doors, stairparts and flooring in our factory in Sheffield.  We invest in the latest machinery to keep efficiency high and costs as low as possible.  Please feel free to come to our Sheffield site and we'll show you how we make your products.

On non timber items such as our glass staircase panels and Scala stairparts we design the products and subcontract the manufacture to a suitable supplier.  We are a UK manufacturer and are proud to support the UK manufacturing industry so wherever possible all of our sourcing is done in the UK.  Its also easier to check and maintain quality.  For example all our staircase glass panels and our Scala polished spindles are manufactured here in the UK.  This sets us apart from many competitors.

Q: What thickness are your oak ledged doors?

A: We manufacture oak ledged doors to a standard thickness of 40mm (20mm vertical and 20mm ledges). We also periodically offer a 35mm thick door. Please call for details.

Q: Can you manufacture non standard sizes on your doors?

A: Yes. We manufacture all of our own solid oak doors, so custom sizes are not a problem. Sometimes this is included in the price you see quoted. This can be a real lifesaver for non standard door sizes where engineered doors cannot be cut to fit.  Oak ledged door can usually be made to measure within a few days, the mortice and tenon doors take a little longer, about 2-4 weeks depending on our production schedule at the time.

Q: Delivery costs on flooring seem quite high, can I collect instead?

A: Flooring is surprisingly heavy and bulky so shipping is expensive, although we do everything we can to keep costs to a minimum. 60m2 of our 20mm flooring is around 1000kg/1 tonne!  You are welcome to collect your order from us instead but be aware of the weight (call us if not sure).  

Q: Do you source your timber in an environmentally friendly way?

A: We use predominantly French oak, sourced from PEFC certified sawmills.  We are a PEFC certified business so you can be sure that our timber is sourced ethically and responsibly.

Q: Do you manufacture and stock your own stairparts?

A: We design our own stair parts products and manufacture them in house at our Sheffield site for the most part.  We usually hold large stocks of all the common lines.  

Q: We need to match to some existing hardwood flooring. We've tried lots of places but they all only stock standard profiles. Can you help?

A: Yes we can. We manufacture our solid hardwood flooring right here in Sheffield so we can often match flooring widths and profiles if you can supply us with a sample. Normally there will be no extra charge for this.  Note this is only available in the longer 1.2-2.4m flooring, even though we manufacture it ourselves it isn't economically practical for our Essentials range of 300-1200mm flooring to be customised.