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2023 Wrap Up – What’s New and What’s Changed?

It’s the beginning of 2024 and what a year it was at Heritage. We’ve introduced new products, made changes to existing products and done away with most of our stair parts. Its hard to keep track of everything that’s happened so we thought we would give a quick break down of what happened at Heritage last year.

We have started making updates to our website and our most recent development is the introduction of our gallery page, where we will be putting all images we take of our doors and any customer images we receive of our products. So get sending these in to us to see yours included in our gallery.

Our New Gallery Page

Stair Parts

Lets start with Stair parts. After much discussion we have decided to move away from Stair Parts and focus primarily on Doors and Door sets. We will still be doing our popular Stair Cladding but we are down to our last Baserails, Newel Caps, posts and spindles so grab what you can now here.

Internal Doors – Whats New?

At the beginning of the year we launched our White Painted Engineered in a number of different styles and the launch couldn’t have gone better. These are popular with our customers that want to match other doors they have in their homes and we can now colour match so your new door can suit the look of your home

New Colour Match Service

Mexicano Door Painted in Silver Grey

Black Painted FLR









We have expanded our Custom Internal Engineered Door Range by quite a bit since the New Year. We noticed we were getting more and more enquiry’s for styles of doors that were not advertised on our website and that were quite popular door designs that customers wanted so we worked with our production team and CNC designer to produce the drawings and dimensions for the doors. Once we had done a few test doors we perfected the design and launched the 1930’s, Worcester, 7 Panel, 5 Panel and Eden engineered doors!




7 Panel

5 Panel












We now have more glazing options for you to choose from for all of our internal doors and if you don’t see one you like then you can just send us some images of the sort of glass you want and we can then get a quote from our supplier.

External Doors

We have made quite a few changes to our External doors this year as well as bringing in a couple of new designs. Here are just some of the updates we have made

  • You can now have your 44mm doors and door sets in Accoya.
  • Some of our Cottage Door designs can now be made from an Engineered door slab, which is more cost effective and more durable.
  • We can now do Astragal bars on your glazed doors meaning that we can separate the glazing so it gives the illusion of 4 or more panes of glass
  • We have more glazing options for you to choose from, don’t see one you like then you can send us some images of what sort of glass you want and we can then get a quote from our supplier.

Pink Door Set with Stained Glass

2XG Oak Stable Door With 4 Light Panel

Stable Door With Astragal Bars








Custom Made Products

We have widened the range of custom made products that we can now offer. Not only can we offer all custom made doors but you can now order custom sized boards, window boards and shelves.

The Oak Custom Boards are available up to 900mm wide x 2120mm high. You can choose whether you want the board to be veneered and to come with 20mm Oak lippings on all 4 sides. They are made from a 26mm particleboard core with a 4mm MDF face, this makes them a highly versatile board suitable for multiple applications and are perfect for all your indoor DIY projects.

You have a number of different options with our Oak Custom Window Boards which makes them a great choice for your home. You can choose between a square or bullnose edge and they are available up to 450mm wide and 2000mm in length. They are made from a high quality laminate board making them exceptionally strong and durable. The board also comes with Oak lippings on both short sides and one long side as well as an Oak veneer to both faces of the shelf.

Our Oak shelves are striking additions to any home due to their elegant and natural appearance, we appreciate rooms come in all shapes and sizes which is why we have developed a range of made to measure oak shelves to suit your specific needs.
We can make these shelves to your exact sizes and you can choose if you want them to come with radiator brackets if you want to fit your new shelf over a radiator. As with our window boards they are made from 35mm laminate board with Oak lippings to both short sides and one long side and an Oak Veneer to both the top and underside of the shelf.

Heritage Doors and Floors are growing every year and we are always trying to thing of new products we can develop for our loyal customers. We are currently working on a number of new projects that we are hoping to bring to you this year, so keep checking and look for new updates and promotions coming this year!