Bespoke Sizes and Pre Finishing

Bespoke sizes

Here at the heritage collection we offer you the opportunity to order internal and external doors as well as flooring with a number of bespoke customisation options. This allows you to order the perfect materials for your home improvement project.

Bespoke Internal Doors and External Doors

Unlike many door retailers in the UK who import their doors from the far east, here at Heritage Doors and Floors we manufacture all our solid oak doors on site.

Our solid oak door range is offered in a large choice of standard sizes, more often than not you are able to order the perfect sized door for your existing frame.

However not all frames are the same and in some older properties this can sometimes become an issue. This is where Heritage Doors and Floors LTD stand aside from the crowd, we offer a non standard door service allowing you to order a bespoke sized door to fit perfectly in your property.

This can be especially useful with older character properties where ripping out the door frame is not only impractical but would also take away from the feel of the room.

As well as the size of your new solid oak door we also offer a pre finishing service on all solid oak internal doors. When ordering any of our solid oak internal doors you can also choose from a number of attractive pre finishing options including Antique, Medium, Ebony and Clear Oiled. These finishes are also offered on our flooring products, skirting and architrave and stair parts which allows you to build a great flow through all areas of your home.

Bespoke Solid Oak Flooring Options

Our range of solid oak flooring is also highly configurable. You have the option to choose the width, length, profile, grade and finish of our solid oak flooring.


As the name suggests this is the width of each board, we offer the choice of 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″, 8″ and 9″. Your choice of board will determine how close and intricate the laid flooring will look, narrower widths will look a little busier than the widest widths.


Again a simple choice which obviously determines the length of the floor boards you receive. We offer boards at 1.2 to 2.4m and 2.4 to 3.6m. The length of the board is purely aesthetic choice as with the width.


The profile of the board is a choice between square edge which will result in flush floorboards or micro bevel which gives a small beveled edge between the boards. Choose micro bevel if you would like to the edges of the boards to be more pronounced.


We offer you the choice between rustic flooring and prime flooring. Rustic Solid Oak Flooring contains more knots and character and is usually chosen for more traditional interiors has it has a more natural feel. Prime Solid Oak Flooring is boards which have been specifically selected for their clearer qualities, they contain no knots and have a much more simpler grain pattern. These boards are much more suited to a contemporary property.


One thing that sets us apart from the rest at The Heritage Collection is our Pre Finishing Service. We offer you the opportunity to order your Solid Oak Flooring pre finished in our flooring factory in a number of attractive finished. We offer our flooring in Antique, Medium, Ebony and Clear Oiled. Of course you can also order Solid Oak Flooring in a natural unfinished condition if you would prefer.

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