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Stair Cladding - Staircase Conversion

Staircase Renovation using Stair Cladding


Stair Conversion and staircase renovations have traditionally been a very expensive undertaking. If you don't have the time or the budget to completely replace your existing staircase, or you don't see any need as the stairway still has a lot of life left in it then stair cladding could be the product for you.


Stair Cladding is the clever new solution for those wanting to carry out a staircase renovation without the removal of the old staircase. It involves cladding over each step with our stair cladding product which covers the old staircase leaving it upgraded to either a beautiful oak, ash or walnut wooden staircase.


Stair cladding is designed to fit any staircase allowing you to purchase winders to go round corners and a bull nose kit for the first tread ensuring you can carry out a staircase renovation on all manner of staircases.


Stair Conversion Installation from the Heritage Collection


As stair cladding is a new product and concept we understand you may have a few questions, our sales team have an extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of stair cladding and can help guide you through what you need to know and what you will need to order.