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Pine Pigs Ear

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Pigs ear handrail is an excellent and cost effective option if you do not want to use backets to fit the rail to the wall.  Pigs ear handrails instead are screwed directly to the wall through the lower part of the handrail.

Pigs ear handrail is available in either 3.6m length or 4.2m lengths making it long enough for most staircases



We manufacture pine pigs ear handrail at our factory in the UK from a good joinery grade of Scandinavian pine. With our rails you get a single solid length of rail, we do not use ugly finger joints to join short pieces together.

Two lengths are available , 3.6 metre or 4.2 metre. The rails itself is a good size and measures 93mm wide x 33mm deep.

Pigs ear handrails are designed to be screwed direct to the wall on the stairs, which saves the cost of purchasing handrail brackets and end caps.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 420 × 12 × 6 cm

3.6m, 4.2m

Timber Grades

Pine pigs ear handrail is manufactured using kiln dried Swedish redwood (pine) in single long lengths. We use a good joinery grade of 4ths redwood. The timber will feature sound knots with the occasional small black knot.

Standard and Custom Sizes

Pigs ear handrail is manufactured in 2 lengths; 3.6metre (approx 12 foot) 4.2 metre (approx 14 foot) The rails measure 93mm x 33mm


Pigs ear handrail is manufactured in 2 lengths; 3.6metre (approx 12 foot) 4.2 metre (approx 14 foot)


Pine pigs ear is supplied machined to a smooth surface finish and supplied bare ready for you to prefinish on site. If you are planning to paint the handrail, then an appropriate knotting solution should be used first to prevent resin from the knots bleeding through the paint


Pigs ear handrails will normally be delivered to you with a specialist parcel courier due to their length. Typically we use overnight couriers for this product to allow us to agree a day of delivery with the customer


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