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Cladding Adhesive Kit

£70.49 Incl. VAT

Oak stairs are hugely popular, with the natural subtle tones of oak treads adding a real wow factor to your home.

Oak stair cladding is the most cost effective way to achieve an oak staircase.  Keep your existing stairs and simply bond new oak treads and risers over the top of the existing ones

It is vitally important that the correct style of adhesive is used to ensure that the treads do not come loose.  This kit contains enough adhesive for a 13 step stairs

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Builders tend to fit most newer homes with softwood or MDF stairs, and the cost and mess involved in replacing them can be offputting.  Heritage oak stair cladding offers you a simple cost-effective solution. By retaining your existing stairs, and bonding new oak treads and risers over the top, converting your staircase to solid oak becomes an easy weekend DIY job and better yet the cost is usually a fraction that of a new oak staircase.

It is critically important that the right kind of adhesive is used when fitting the cladding.  Standard “no nails” style adhesive does not work and the treads will come loose over time.  Heritage has had Ela-Stick especially produced for fitting stair cladding.  The adhesive uses the latest polymer technology to ensure that it remains permanently flexible.  This is very important as oak-like all timber expands and contracts as the moisture content in the surrounding air changes.  However, your existing stairs are likely to be either softwood or MDF which react differently.  Hard setting adhesives can crack due to the differential movement between the existing stairs and the new oak stair cladding.

Pack contents:

4 x tubes of Ela-Stick Polymer adhesive, enough to bond 13 tread packs

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions30 × 15 × 15 cm



If bought in isolation, this adhesive pack would ship with a parcel courier. If purchased as part of a full staircase order then this will normally be shipped on a pallet.

The pallet carrier specifies the delivery as "kerbside" meaning they will unload from the truck only. You will need to be on hand to help move the goods indoors. Individual treads are easy to carry once the pallet is unpacked.


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