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The Heritage Collection / 12 Tread Straight Flight

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12 Tread Straight Flight

£608.57 Incl. VAT

Oak stairs are hugely popular, with the natural subtle tones of oak treads adding a real wow factor to your home.

Oak stair cladding is the most cost effective way to achieve an oak staircase.  Keep your existing stairs and simply bond new oak treads and risers over the top of the existing ones

Cladding kits offer even better value.  This kit contains all the parts you need to complete a straight staircase with 12 treads, and also includes an adhesive kit with the correct type of permanently flexible adhesive to ensure a quality installation



Builders tend to fit most newer homes with softwood or MDF stairs. The cost and mess involved in replacing them can be offputting. Luckily, Heritage are pleased to offer a 12 Tread Straight Flight Kit. This includes everything you need to renovate a staircase of 12 steps.

Heritage oak stair cladding offers you a simple cost-effective solution. By retaining your existing stairs, and bonding new oak treads and risers over the top, converting your staircase to solid oak becomes an easy weekend DIY job and better yet the cost is usually a fraction that of a new oak staircase.

We have designed this kit for stairs with 12 risers, not the most common as most stairs have 13 but they are out there.  Therefore, the kit contains 12 straight tread packs and an adhesive fixing kit.  The kit will fit any stairs with treads up to 1000mm wide, 285mm deep individual treads (go) and up to 200mm individual height (rise)

Kit contents:

12 x Straight Tread Packs

1 x Cladding Fixing Kit (4 x tubes of Adhesive)

We keep these kits in stock so they can be delivered within 2-3 working days! With our specialist next day courier, the delivery is ultra-fast and FREE.

Additional information

Weight58 kg
Dimensions1000 × 1000 × 50 cm

Timber Grades

Stair cladding is made using a specially selected prime grade of French oak. Most pieces will be clear, with the occasional small knot which helps to emphasise the solid oak nature of the product

The riser board is made from a A grade oak veneer bonded to an MDF 6mm base

Standard and Custom Sizes

Stair cladding is designed to fit stairs with straight treads up to 1000mm wide when measured between the strings.

Tread depths (know as the "go" of the tread) of up to 285mm can be accommodated

Step heights (know as the "rise" of the step) of up to 200mm can be accommodated

All of these dimensions are well above what is normal for UK stairs. A typical UK staircase will have a width of around 840mm between treads, a rise of around 180mm and a going of around 220mm.


Oak stair cladding is supplied unfinished to allow you to match into your existing decor. We can supply finishes from our flooring finishing range if desired.



Stair cladding kits are normally delivered on a pallet. The pallet carrier specifies the delivery as "kerbside" meaning they will unload from the truck only. You will need to be on hand to help move the goods indoors. Individual treads are easy to carry once the pallet is unpacked.


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