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Plain Spindles

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Plain pine spindles a good cost effective way to refurbish your stair balustrade and create a subtle look to your stairs.

These spindles are 41mm square and are available in 900mm and 1100mm lengths

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Plain 41mm pine spindles are a great cost effective way to replace your existing stair balustrade. The spindles are machined to a standard 41mm square and are sold in the most common 900mm and 1100mm lengths. Radiused edges are machined into the baluster to make them easier to finish and remove the issue of splintering.

900mm lengths are the most common and are the standard size for domestic staircases where the handrail must be installed a minimum of 900mm above the front edge of the tread. 1100mm spindles are used on open tread (cut string) stairs on the rear edge of the tread where a longer spindle is needed to maintain a 900mm handrail height.

These spindles posts are manuactured by us at our Sheffield factory from joinery grade kilnd dried Scandinavian pine.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 90 × 4.1 × 4.1 cm

900mm, 1100mm

Timber Grades

These spindles are manufactured using a good quality grade of pine to give you a nice quality post. There will be live knots within the posts and the occasional black knot You can choose from the following options; 900mm - for use in most standard areas on the stairs 1100mm - for use on the rear of the tread on open or cut string stairs 41mm x 41mm square in 900mm and 1100mm lengths


Pine spindles are supplied machined to a smooth surface finish and supplied bare ready for you to prefinish on site. If you are planning to paint the spindle, then an appropriate knotting solution should be used first to prevent resin from the knots bleeding through the paint


Pine spindles will normally be delivered to you with a specialist parcel courier. Typically we use overnight couriers for this product to allow us to agree a day of delivery with the customer


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