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The Heritage Collection / Pattern 10 Oak Internal Door

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Pattern 10 Oak Internal Door

From: £348.71 Incl. VAT

This is the popular Pattern 10 oak door, manufactured as a solid oak custom sized door in our Sheffield factory. Manufactured from a high grade white oak, and carefully produced using mortice and tenon joints to create a door that will last a lifetime.

You can specify any height and width up to 950mm wide by 2100mm high.  Please call for pricing for doors larger than this

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This custom made internal door helps to flood maximum light through your property and is a real feature door.  Each door is handmade in the UK to a generous 40mm thickness for a solid heavy door and to your custom size.  We will make your new door to any size up to 950mm x 2100mm for the price shown.  If you need a larger door then we can also produce that for you but please call with your sizes so that we can quote you.

This door is supplied unglazed to allow you to add your choice of glazing on site and comes complete with oak glazing beading.  The door is rebated to suit any glass thickness up to even 12mm thick glass.

The doors are manufactured to last a lifetime . The stiles and rails are made by laminating together two 20mm sections of solid oak. Laminating the sections in this way makes the door much more structurally stable than using a single piece of oak. All laminations are done in house so that we can control the quality.

We assemble the frame using wedged mortice and tenon joints, renowned as the strongest joint possible.  These joints are then glued and hydraulically pressed to make the main frame of the door.   Hydraulic pressing means that we can make the  joints exceptionally tight.   This combination of traditional methods and state of the art modern machinery results in an immensely strong frame,  much stronger construction than the mass produced doors with simple dowelled joints.  Invest in a Heritage mortice and tenon door and you are buying a door that will last for generations.

Please note:  as a custom made door, once produced you cannot return this door.  To  protect you, once you have placed your order, we will send you an order confirmation with your chosen size confirmed on this

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 210 × 95 × 4.4 cm

Timber Grades

We manufacture these doors to order in our Sheffield factory.

We use a high grade of white oak, specially selected to suit mortice and tenon doors. Most of the timber will be clear however you will find the occasional knot in the door which helps to emphasis the door's solid oak construction. The timber we use is specially kiln dried to make it suitable for internal use.

As with any timber product, once you have ensured the door is the correct size, then it is critical that you finish the door, including on the underside with a good quality finish. Every home experiences changes in relative humidity through the various seasons. Left untreated your door will constantly attempt to equalise with the surrounding moisture content, and will expand and contract as a result. To limit this, thorough finishing is critical

Standard and Custom Sizes

The Pattern 10 Internal oak door is manufactured to order to your exact size. We will make your door in any size up to 950mm x 2100mm for the same price. We can make larger doors but please call with your requirements.

All the doors are made to a standard 40mm thick using laminated oak stiles and rails. To manufacture these we laminate 2 x 20mm oak sections in house.

We strongly recommend you specify the door a few mm oversize, and plane the door on site to suit unless you are absolutely sure that the door frame is 100% square. They rarely are! Your new oak door is custom made, and cannot be returned/refunded once manufactured so please consider these measurements carefully. We will confirm them back to you once you have let us know in an order confirmation so we both have a clear understanding of the size required

Please note that custom doors will take around a week to manufacture.


We can also pre-finish your door for you if you prefer. If you select this option, we will hand apply the finish of your choice from our wide range. All of our finishes use a hardwax oil top coat, which creates a wonderful subtle finish to the oak whilst protecting the timber. We can finish your new Pattern 10 door in a Traditional Clear hardwax oil or you can choose from one of our Shades finish or Aged oak finishes.

Traditional Clear

If you select this option we will pre-finish your new door in a clear hardwax satin oil. These modern finishes are manufactured using a mixture of natural oils and waxes and help to bring out the natural beauty of the oak

Shades Finishing

The Heritage shades range uses the latest finishes and techniques to create a variety of colours and styles to suit every home. Shades takes the natural beauty and variation of oak and tailors it to a number of highly individual styles so that there is a choice that will match whatever decor and look you are creating with your home project.

Aged Finishing

The Heritage Aged range use special stains that react with the tannins, this process can be prompted to happen straight away. We combine these reactive stains in a multi stage finishing process with various coloruing and highlighting effects before adding a top coat of hardwax oil and the results are truly stunning.


Doors are carefully packaged before being shipped with a national courier. For smaller orders, each door is wrapped in a sturdy cardboard carton and shipped individually. Larger orders (typically 12-15 doors+ will be palletised)


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