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Pine Stable Doors

From: £214.74 Incl. VAT

These beautiful internal solid pine ledged stable doors are made from a good grade of Scandinavian pine.  Stable doors are great to allow a visual path between two rooms whilst still creating a barrier for pets as an example.

We also offer stable door hardware kits, with 4 x 18″ strap hinges and a latch set. We also have a range of shoot bolts which enables you to lock the two halves together.

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Pine Stable Doors are a great option for cottages and barn conversions where you plan to paint or varnish the doors.  We make the pine ledged doors to the same high quality standards as our oak ledged doors. We believe that they are by far the best quality pine ledge doors on the market.

The Pine Stable doors are great to allow a visual path between two rooms whilst still creating a barrier for pets as an example.  We manufacture this door with V Grooved or Bead & Butt profile vertical boards to match our pine ledged doors.  V Grooved doors give a subtle and clean look which works particularly well in period cottages or barn conversions, while Bead & Butt give a more traditional finish.

All of our pine doors are handmade in our factory in Sheffield. We a Vths grade of redwood (pine) sourced exclusively from northern Scandinavian mills to ensure we use slower grown pine for better stability.  We start with 95-115mm components to make our pine ledged doors depending on the timber available to us at the time of producing.

Every doors handmade and checked prior to despatch.  Ledges are glued, pinned and then hydraulically pressed on, just like on our oak doors.   We do not simply staple the doors together as you will see on most mass market pine ledged doors.  This process makes our door by far the strongest and most durable available in the UK.

Want this door painted? Check out our painted range!

Additional information

Weight18 kg
Dimensions210 × 95 × 4.4 cm

Timber Grades

All Heritage pine ledged doors are manufactured using Scandinavian Vths redwood. Timber is sourced from northern Swedish and Finnish mills, typically in the northern 3rd of the Gulf of Bothnia. This ensures that we are only using pine from these colder northern regions which makes for a slower grown, denser timber with smaller knots. This helps to keep the door more stable in use.

We typically use 5" wide raw material in our pine ledged doors, rather than the more common and cheaper 4" wide pine. This makes for a much better looking more robust door. We've designed and sold this door as a true interior door.

We also manufacture the door with 20mm thick verticals. Most cheaper doors on the market use 15mm thick verticals. Again this helps add to the robust nature of the door.

Standard and Custom Sizes

Pine ledged doors are available in the following sizes: -

2'0'' x 6'6''/610mm x 1981mm

2'3'' x 6'6''/686mm x 1981mm

2'6'' x 6'6''/762mm x 1981mm

2'9'' x 6'6''/838mm x 1981mm

All the doors are made to a standard 40mm thick.

Custom Sizes

We can also make these pine ledged doors in custom sizes should you require this service. Once you have select either oversized or undersized on the drop down option, you can give us the sizes you require in the basket.

Custom Undersize - Doors under 2'9'' x 6'6'' in BOTH dimensions

Custom Oversize - Doors over 2'9'' x 6'6'' in EITHER dimension

Note: We'll make oversized doors for the quoted price up to a maximum size of 2100 x 950. If you need something even larger than that, please give our sales team a call and we'll quote accordingly

Please note that custom doors will take around a week to manufacture. Custom doors are non returnable so please check your dimensions very carefully



We also offer our own superb ironmongery sets, made in hand forged steel and available in either an antiqued beeswax or a pewter finish.

Each kit contains 2 x 18" (450mm) strap hinges, specially designed with strengthened hinge assemblies to avoid sagging. The kit also contains a substantial thumblatch complete with locking pin. Finally a set of matching screws is also supplied.

Bracing Pack

Selecting a bracing pack adds the diagonal braces to your door. In cheaper doors these are necessary to stop the door from sagging over time, but with the heavier sections and the proper glued, pinned and pressed assembly used in Heritage doors this is not the case. Braces are now purely an aesthetic choice.

Braces are available as either a loose bracing pack for you to fit yourself, or we can install them for you. If you elect for us to install them you can let us know which orientation you would like them fitted in, left side or right side to the top.

Glass Opening

We can also manufacture your door with a glazing opening. Selecting this option will mean we create a glazing aperture to the top of the door, and supply the door with pine glazing bead. We do not supply the glass.

If you would like a particular size glass opening then please let us know, otherwise we will normally make the opening to be a large central aperture in the upper panel


We do not currently offer a prefinishing option for pine doors.

The door is supplied with a smooth moulded finish. Where the ledges are pinned to the verticals there will be small nail holes that you may wish to fill. Pine is quite soft and often you can find there are small indentations from general handling. Again if you wish you can blend these with a sander. When finishing your door you will need to give the door an overall light sanding to key it for primer and paint.

You should also apply a knotting solution to knots. This prevents sap bleeding through your finish and stops discolouration. Knotting solution is generally clear in appearance so it can also be used under varnishes. The door is then ready for painting or varnishing



We use multiple couriers to ensure your door is delivered safely and efficiently, lead times are as below

Please note, anything to Scotland, Cornwall, or the South Coast can take up to 4 weeks in transit. Please call us for an approximate lead time as time will be dependent on the quantity of doors you purchase

Handling Time
3-4 Working Days
Please add 5 working days for prefinishing

Transit Time
1-9 Doors: 5-10 Working Days (Epic Logistics)
10+ Doors: 3 Working Days (Hallam Express)

We do not currently deliver to Scottish Highlands, Islands, or Ireland

Please give us a call if you are needing your order urgently, express options may be available on a case by case basis


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