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V Grooved Oak Ledged Doors

From: £147.80 Incl. VAT

These beautiful internal solid oak ledged doors are made from carefully selected French oak and feature a subtle V groove style profile board.

This is by far our most popular door and is available to purchase in a variety of options, including door style, custom sizes, timber grades and accessory options.

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Solid oak V Grooved ledged doors are ideal for period properties and bring the charm and quality feel of solid oak into your home at realistic prices. Heritage can manufacture and supply your new oak doors in a range of sizes and timber grades.  We can make your oak ledged door with various options from bracings to glass openings.

We can also prefinish your V Grooved door for you in a range of stunning options.  Have a look at the Finishing tab for more details as well as the pictures in the drop-down selection boxes above.  Don’t forget that we can make your doors to the exact size you need them.  This results in a much better-looking door than if you cut one down! We ensure the ledges are re-positioned and verticals arranged correctly to create a visually pleasing door.  The costs are not too high and we can usually produce these in around a week.

All of our doors are handmade in our factory in Sheffield using predominantly French oak.  Heritage deal direct with sawmills in Southern Normandy, Loire Valley and Bourgogne areas of France to ensure we get beautiful quality oak at good prices.  We ensure that all of our oak is correctly seasoned and kiln dried for use inside the home.

We hand make every door and check the quality prior to despatch. Our specialist staff glue, pin and then hydraulically press the ledges on to ensure a proper fit. This process is unique to Heritage and makes our door by far the strongest and most durable available in the UK.

Additional information

Weight32 kg
Dimensions210 × 95 × 4 cm

Timber Grades

Oak is available in a large range of grades. At Heritage we offer our oak ledged doors in 3 grades, which determines how much character and knots you will receive in your door. Have a browse through the information below and the various grade images to get a feel for what each of the grades can look like. Remember that each grade covers a range of oak and so there will be variations between doors. However the following information will give you a good guide as to how your new V Groove Oak Ledged door will look like.

Rustic Grade Oak

Rustic oak doors are designed to match the style of timber that would have been used in period to make this style of door. We keep all of the character that you will find in rustic oak, from colour variation to minor splits and large knots. Anything that is a larger feature we will fill for you, however by default we leave the door unfilled to retain all of its natural charm. This timber grade will not be for everyone, but if you are looking for something as original as it gets then this is the one to choose

Note: On rustic doors we manufacture the ledges using finger jointed lengths of solid oak. This helps to produce good quality ledges in the most cost effective manner. There will be some colour variation between some of the pieces but these can be hidden very effectively by using a coloured finish.

Select Rustic Grade Oak

Select rustic ledged doors take all the great features of our rustic ledged doors doors but significantly upgrade the timber used. These are by far the most popular doors as they offer a great balance with enough knots and features to create a rustic cottage feel but without the large features found in our rustic doors. Where we find a knot that shows daylight, we will use filler, but this is generally a small area only.

Prime Grade Oak

With the prime grade, we take this one step further. Prime timber is carefully selected out to create a much cleaner looking door, which works well in a contemporary setting. We look for timber which has minimal knots which allows the visual focus to be on the grain pattern.

Prime oak ledged doors also work wonderfully well with some of our wide range of finishes.

Standard and Custom Sizes

These oak doors are available in the following sizes: -

2'0'' x 6'6''/610mm x 1981mm

2'3'' x 6'6''/686mm x 1981mm

2'6'' x 6'6''/762mm x 1981mm

2'9'' x 6'6''/838mm x 1981mm

All the doors are made to a standard 40mm thick.

Custom Sizes

We can also make these oak doors in custom sizes should you require this service. Once you have select either oversized or undersized on the drop down option, you can give us the sizes you require in the basket.

Custom Undersize - Doors under 2'9'' x 6'6'' in BOTH dimensions

Custom Oversize - Doors over 2'9'' x 6'6'' in EITHER dimension

Note: We'll make oversized doors for the quoted price up to a maximum size of 2100 x 950. If you need something even larger than that, please give our sales team a call and we'll quote accordingly

Please note that custom doors will take around a week to manufacture.



We also offer our own superb ironmongery sets, made in hand forged steel and available in either an antiqued beeswax or a pewter finish.

Each kit contains 2 x 18" (450mm) strap hinges, specially designed with strengthened hinge assemblies to take the weight of solid oak doors without sagging. The kit also contains a substantial thumblatch complete with locking pin. Finally a set of matching screws is also supplied.

With each ironmongery set we will also supply a 20mm thick solid oak lock block. This is useful in some installations where you need to install the thumblatch flush with the ledges.

Bracing Pack

Selecting a bracing pack adds the diagonal braces to your door. In the past these were necessary to stop the door from sagging over time, but with modern manufacturing techniques this is no longer the case. Braces are now purely an aesthetic choice.

Braces are available as either a loose bracing pack for you to fit yourself, or we can install them for you. If you elect for us to install them you can let us know which orientation you would like them fitted in, left side or right side to the top*.

Glass Opening

We can also manufacture your door with a glazing opening. Selecting this option will mean we let in an opening to the door, and supply the door with oak glazing bead. We do not supply the glass.

If you would like a particular size glass opening then please let us know, otherwise we will make the opening to the full width of the inner boards

* We'll default to fit the braces right side to the top unless you tell us otherwise


We can also pre-finish your door for you if you prefer. If you select this option, we will hand apply the finish of your choice from our wide range. We prefinish the component individually, prior to assembly, as this gives the best possible coverage and protection for the door.

All of our finishes use a hardwax oil top coat, which creates a wonderfully subtle finish to the oak whilst protecting the timber. Have a look at the finish drop down box for images of how each finish looks applied to our oak. Click on each image to get a larger view.

We can finish your new V Grooved oak ledged door in a Traditional Clear hardwax oil or you can choose from one of our Shades finish or Aged oak finishes.

Shades Finishing

The Heritage Shades range uses the latest finishes and techniques to create a variety of colours and styles to suit every home. Shades takes the natural beauty and variation of oak and tailors it to a number of highly individual styles so that there is a choice that will match whatever decor and look you are creating with your home project. The finish used is a modern 2 pack finish that results in a very hard wearing door.

Aged Finishing

The Heritage Aged range use special stains that react with the tannins to simulate the effects of the natural aging process. This normally would take decades but with these stains this process can be prompted to happen straight away.

We combine these reactive stains in a multi stage finishing process with various colouring and highlighting effects before adding a top coat of hardwax oil for protection. The results are truly stunning!



Doors are carefully packaged before being shipped with a national courier.

For smaller orders, each door is wrapped in a sturdy cardboard carton and shipped individually. Larger orders (typically 12-15 doors+ will be palletised)


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