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The Heritage Collection / Oak Pattern 10 Shaker Style Angled Custom Size Doors

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Oak Pattern 10 Shaker Style Angled Custom Size Doors

£274.50£337.50 Incl. VAT

Custom sized 35mm engineered oak Pattern 10 doors, made in our factory in the UK in 1-2 weeks.  Any size up to 1050 x 2150.

Pattern 10s are hugely popular choices for contemporary homes but until now custom sizes have been a real problem, taking up to 16 weeks to arrive from the Far East.   We take carefully made 35mm components and CNC machine them into custom-sized pattern 10 doors.

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Introducing our brand new Oak Pattern 10 Shaker Custom Size Doors! We can cut these doors at an angle to suit under-the-stairs cupboards and openings that are not fully rectangular.

Heritage is the only company in the UK manufacturing custom-sized engineered oak doors.

Until now all engineered oak doors have been manufactured in the far east and therefore if you needed a custom size then these had to be ordered specially.  They take a minimum of 14-16 weeks to arrive, and regularly much longer.  We regularly hear of these orders then arriving with issues such as wrong sizes or damage, with any replacement another 16 weeks away!

Heritage has built a CNC production facility in Sheffield especially to manufacture popular engineered door styles in custom sizes in the UK.  This means that we can offer these doors in 1-2 weeks, and you know you are dealing directly with a UK manufacturer.  We do not buy standard doors and modify them.  Every door is made from scratch.

Oak Pattern 10 Shaker Custom Door Sizing

We aim to keep our service offer simple yet effective, therefore these doors are offered at 2 size brackets and prices.  This way you do not have to wait for a quote, simply order your door in the correct bracket then let us know the size you need:  (Prior to manufacturing starting, you will receive a fully dimensioned drawing to sign off so you are sure your new door will be correct)

Any size up to:

  • 750 x 2050mm
  • 850 x 1400mm
  • 1050 x 2150mm

Please let us know the heights of both sides of the doors upon ordering. We will design the door in our software and send you a diagram to sign before sending it off to production.

Note – we cannot make these doors any smaller than 350mm in width

Door Construction: Oak Pattern 10 Shaker Custom Door Sizing

Our pattern 10  doors are supplied at a standard 35mm thick.  The doors are made as an engineered door with a white oak veneer over a hardwood core.

This door is manufactured with separate stiles and rails, with twin 12mm dowels to each joint for strength.

These details are similar to the standard far eastern manufactured door, although you won’t find chipboard in the centre of our doors as you would with far eastern doors.

Lead Times

Your custom-engineered 4pattern 10 doors are made in Sheffield.  We offer a 2-week lead-time, although in many cases we will supply them sooner.


Custom engineered pattern 10s ordered from the far-east are broadly similar to the prices we charge but take 16 weeks.  Sizes are often lost in translation and shipping damage is common.  These doors turn up wrong so regularly that many door companies refuse to even sell them.  Buying your custom doors from Heritage means that you get them a lot quicker than usually. Another benefit is the fact you’re UK company so any issues that do occur such damages can be resolved.

Additional information

Weight30 kg

Timber Grades

This door is offered in a prime grade oak veneer. An ideal door for modern and contemporary properties.   

The core is made from hardwood which is a good colour match to the oak veneer.  In common with all engineered doors this core material is visible at the sides and top of the door (all imported oak engineered doors have a veneer of oak to the two main faces, and a hardwood lipping around the edge.  It's very common for this lipping to be made of similar but cheaper material.  Have a close look at your imported doors)

Standard and Custom Sizes

Our Pattern 10 doors come in three separate size brackets to give you a wide range of options to choose from and a more accurate price to suit all sizes of doors.

Choose from:

Any size up to 750 x 2050mm

Any size up to 850 x 1400mm

Any size up to 1050 x 2150mm

Please enter your size in the 'notes' box at checkout.   Where you need standard sized doors it makes sense to buy the imported doors, and we can offer these doors alongside our custom 2XGG.


There are endless options with our Pattern 10 Door! Please contact us if you would like to specify your own sizes for the stiles and rails.

We will also be offering a stunning range of colour stain options for your door, watch this space!


Coming soon!


We aim to turn these doors around within 1-2 weeks. Once ready you will receive an email from us to notify you of dispatch. We use Tuffnells to ship all of our large goods who offer an express service of 1-2 working days.


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