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The Heritage Collection / Oak Mexicano Angled Custom Doors – Base

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Oak Mexicano Angled Custom Doors – Base

£185.88£324.00 Incl. VAT

These stylish engineered oak 35mm Mexicano doors are made to any size of your choosing up to 950mm x 2000mm at our UK factory in 1-2 weeks.

Mexicanos are one of the most popular choices for contemporary, modern-day homes.  Sold under a range of names including Cottage and Suffolk doors, until now custom sizes have been almost impossible to buy.   We use a 35mm thick oak slab and carefully machine the traditional grooves directly into each face to create your Mexicano style.   This method is quick and effective, meaning we can offer a beautiful door for a lower price!

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Oak Mexicano Angled Engineered Custom Doors – Base Version

Introducing our brand new made to measure Oak Mexicano Angled Custom Engineered Doors.   Also sometimes known as a Suffolk door.

Heritage is the only company in the UK manufacturing custom-sized engineered oak doors.

Until now, all engineered oak doors have been manufactured in the far east. Therefore if you needed a custom size then these had to be ordered specially.  They take a minimum of 14-16 weeks to arrive, and regularly much longer.  We regularly hear of these orders then arriving with issues such as wrong sizes or damage, with any replacement another 16 weeks away!

Heritage has built a CNC production facility in Sheffield especially to manufacture popular engineered door styles in custom sizes in the UK.  This means that we can offer these doors in 1-2 weeks, and you know you are dealing directly with a UK manufacturer.  We do not buy standard doors and modify them.  Every door is made from scratch.

Oak Mexicano Angled Custom Door Sizing

Our elegant Mexicano doors come at a standard 35mm thick with a white oak veneer over a cross-laminated hardwood core. We aim to keep our service offer simple yet effective, therefore we will offer these doors in 2 size brackets, any size up to:

  • 850 x 1400mm
  • 750 x 1850mm
  • 950 x 2000mm

This door encapsulates all of the wonderful tendencies of a traditional Mexicano Door with a twist. To ensure we can offer a budget-friendly option for this classic door, we route the grooves directly into the face of the oak to create the look of a traditional oak Mexicano. The door starts out as a single engineered slab, with a stunning white oak veneer on the front and rear faces. The core is made from cross-laminated hardwood which is designed to ensure the door remains resistant to bowing and twisting.

This door is offered at an amazing price. This is ideal for those on a budget and looking for a cost-friendly option, without compromising on quality.

Why is this door a ‘Base’ version door?

This door is made from a single slab, therefore there are slight cosmetic differences between this and an off the shelf Mexicano, however, this makes it cheaper to manufacture.   If you need a door that is an exact match, see our listing for the deluxe version.

As this is a single slab, the top and bottom “rails” of this door will have the grain running vertically as opposed to horizontally. This is only a minor, cosmetic difference however allows us to offer a major reduction in price over the deluxe version due to the method of manufacture.  On the sides and top of the door, the laminated core will be within view (hidden on the deluxe version).  Finally the 4 corners of the outermost groove will have a small radius. You can view these features in the images above. With all factors being cosmetic only, our budget Mexicano does not compromise on quality!

Can You Customise Any Other Features?

We can machine the door such that the “rails” and “stiles” are any width.  Similarly, we can place the grooves wherever you prefer.  As standard, we would match to normal Mexicanos so 5 vertical panels unless the door is particularly wide or narrow in which case we adjust the number of panels to suit.


Custom engineered Mexicanos ordered from the far east are broadly similar to the prices we charge but take 16 weeks.  Sizes are often lost in translation and shipping damage is common.  These doors turn up wrong so regularly that many door companies refuse to even sell them.

Buying your custom doors from Heritage means that you get them quickly and you are using a UK company so any issues that do occur can be resolved.

Please provide us with 2 x Heights and 1 x width, we will cut the angle between the 2 heights. A diagram will be sent to you for confirmation before we make the door just to ensure you are happy with your order.


Additional information

Weight30 kg

Timber Grades

Timber Grade This door is offered in a prime grade oak veneer. An ideal door for modern and contemporary properties.  The core of the door is an engineered hardwood.  This core is cross laminated to keep the door very stable.  You will see this core on the edges of the door, which is normal practice even with imported Mexicanos.

Standard and Custom Sizes

Our Mexicano doors come in two separate size brackets to give you a wide range of options to choose from and a more accurate price to suit all sizes of doors.

Choose from:

Any size up to 850 x 1400mm

Any size up to 850 x 1850mm

Any size up to 950 x 2000mm

Please enter your size in the 'notes' box at checkout


You can specify your own widths for the "stiles" and "rails". This can be particularly useful for making these doors a good visual match for existing Mexicano doors


Coming soon!


We aim to turn these doors around within 1-2 weeks. Once ready you will receive an email from us to notify you of dispatch. We use Tuffnells to ship all of our large goods who offer an express service of 1-2 working days.


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