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Burned Oak

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Burned oak adds breathtaking character to create an intense and yet natural feel to the floor. Dark browns with areas of charcoal grey suggest a wonderfully old oak floor, that you could be forgiven for thinking has been in place for decades.

This is an excellent choice for those renovating period properties and or looking to create a vintage style. Choose rustic flooring for this finish which also works well with fingerjointed boards.

Various board widths are available in 20mm thickness, and you can choose from rustic or prime.  You can also opt for a fingerjointed 14mm in rustic only which gives fixed length boards at a great price.  Prices are per m2

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Aged oak solid oak flooring uses special stains that react with the tannins in the oak to create a range of naturally aged finishes in different colors. One of the colours available is our stunning Burned Oak. Your new oak floor looks like its been there for decades and creates an instantly warm and reassuring feel. Oak flooring brings a warmth and character that is unrivaled into your home

Boards are available in a range of widths from 139 right through to 188mm to suit all budgets and design choices. Our solid oak flooring is supplied in long lengths. The lengths can range between 1.2m – 2.4m. However, we also provide a finger-jointed flooring.  Our FJ flooring lengths are 2.4m. We offer both rustic grade and prime grades in this flooring. Rustic will look superb in period properties and renovations. Knots will feature in these boards. We fill other surface details to create a super smooth finish. Prime boards will show the occasional small knots with most of the board clear.

Each board has a micro bevel to all 4 sides create a striking floor as well as helping to hide any surface inconsistency in the subfloor.

Heritage solid oak flooring is available in both 14 and 20mm thick board options. If you are laying the floor over an existing subfloor, 14mm is a great choice! Whereas, we recommend laying the 20mm directly to the joists as a structural floor.

All of the boards are solid oak right through! Therefore, this means they can be resanded if desired as many times as needed. The Burned Oak Stain will just need to be reapplied!

Additional information

Board Size

14mm x 139mm, 20mm x 139mm, 20mm x 168mm, 20mm x 188mm

Timber Grade

Fingerjoint Rustic, Rustic, Prime

Timber Grades

Burned Oak in our Aged Oak range is offered in rustic and prime grade oak. Rustic boards also feature a 14mm fingerjointed version.

Rustic boards will contain knots and other surface character and these where necessary will be filled flush and sanded to create an even smooth surface to the board. Wherever possible we will leave these unfilled to add to the natural character of the board. Unfinished boards may require light localised sanding around knots before finishing.

Fingerjointed boards are made up from lengths of timber that have been permanently jointed back together. The boards are manufactured from full width pieces that are bonded end to end to create longer boards. The joints are done on a state of the art machine so are well disguised and are a really good idea for darker finishes where the colour also helps to disguise the joint. The benefits are a cheaper price as well as fixed lengths.

Prime boards use the highest commercially available grades of oak. Some boards will show the occasional small knots with the rest of the board clear. There will also be boards that have no knots at all. The overall effect is a much subtler floor and this grade is particularly suitable for the palest finishes where you want the grain of the timber to be the main feature. The downside is that the raw material is more expensive.

Standard and Custom Sizes

14mm x 139mm x 2400mm fingerjointed (check for availability)

20mm x 139mm x 1200-2400 random lengths rustic

20mm x 168mm x 1200-2400 random lengths rustic

20mm x 188mm x 1200-2400 random lengths rustic

20mm x 139mm x 1200-2400 random lengths prime

20mm x 168mmx 1200-2400 random lengths prime

20mm x 188mmx 1200-2400 random lengths prime

(random length flooring can contain the occasional piece shorter than 1200mm however the majority of the flooring will be within these lengths. Shorter pieces where they are supplied are ideal for starting off new runs)


Solid oak flooring is available in 14mm and 20mm thick boards. 14mm boards must be laid over an existing subfloor. 20mm boards if desired can be laid direct to joists as a structural flooring. For normal 400mm joist centres, the end tongue and groove means that the joint does not need to finish over a joist.

20mm solid oak flooring can also be used to overlay an existing floor if desired


Burned Oak Aged Oak flooring is finished using the latest 2 stage finishes. A reactive stain is first used to age and colour the boards, before a hard wearing tinted finish coat is applied over the top. This creates a wonderfully deep finish which is also tough. The two stage process will fill small surface variations, but leaves the grain clearly visible to highlight the solid oak nature of your new flooring.

Aged Oak finishes are hand applied in our UK factory. This allows to us to correctly finish boards and to ensure that you get a great quality floor. You can request samples through the page above. Its well worth doing this as once we finish the flooring it becomes a product customised to you and cannot be returned. We provide samples free with a small postage charge. We're happy to deduct the cost of samples against an order



Flooring is typically delivered on a pallet as solid oak flooring is particularly heavy, 50m2 of 20mm thick oak flooring will weigh around three quarters of a tonne!

Pallet carriers will usually offer a kerbside delivery only and you should ensure that someone is available to help offload.


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