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Essentials Solid Oak Flooring Samples

£7.50 Incl. VAT

Sometimes you need to see the product before you buy it, particularly with flooring which can be an expensive project.  Why not use our sample service to help you decide?

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Flooring samples are a great way to help you make up your mind about whether that product works for you.

At Heritage we want you to be happy with the products before you order them.  Particularly, as many of the lines are custom made. Finishes, in particular, are useful to see in person. This is because they can look slightly different from the internet or brochures images.  We have a showroom in Sheffield where you can see large sample boards of all of our finishes, however, if it is not convenient to visit us, then flooring samples are the answer.

Flooring Samples: Our Flooring

Oak flooring brings a warmth and character that is unrivaled into your home.  As well as creating a superb setting for your room it can also be a very practical choice.  If left, oak flooring will age to a natural patina, gathering history along the way, or if you prefer you can sand it back and refinish it numerous times for a clean fresh look.

Our sample service helps you to choose what is going to work for you. We currently charge £7.50 for our samples, however, if you like your sample and wish to move on to a product order, your sample pack will receive a special code that will discount the order by £7.50.


We offer an lovely range of solid oak flooring with prices starting from just £53.84.  All of our flooring is made in the UK, using good long lengths of oak, not the short bits you get in low-quality retail “flooring in a box”.  Fit the real thing! Solid oak flooring is typically fixed down to the sub-floor by either secret nailing or bonding to an existing floor. Solid oak flooring will expand and contract more than an engineered floor which is around 70 – 80% plywood. For that reason, it is not generally recommended that this type of flooring is fitted over underfloor heating. However it is impossible to get engineered flooring to match the looks and character of a real oak floor, and solid oak flooring will literally last forever so each has its place.



Samples should be received within 3-5 Working Days


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