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Fixing Screws

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Tongue-Tite Oak Flooring Fixing Screws – Boxes of 200 screws

Ideal for solid or engineered hardwood T&G flooring

Tongue Tite fixing screws are superb for fixing solid oak to any wood or sheet material subfloor. The screws feature extremely small heads, which are countersunk tidily into the oak tongue so that they do not obstruct the matching groove on the next board.  You do not need to pilot drill in most cases and each box comes with a Star style driver bit so that the screws can be easily driven in with a drill.

Furthermore, the screws have been specifically designed for installing hardwood flooring and have a number of features that make them perfect for this job.

Key Features

  • 3.5 x 45mm hardened screws, coated for use with oak without causing staining
  • Star (ST10) style head with a matching driver bit supplied in each box
  • Suitable for solid and real wood engineered flooring
  • Twin thread style with single coarse upper thread to avoid splitting the timber and initial twin thread portion for a clean easy start
  •  Small head and narrow show means the screw will countersink itself easily into the oak
  • Easy to fix: no glue or nail gun is required

How Many Boxes of Screws Will I Need?

To properly secure the flooring you will need to use a screw every 300mm along the boards.  How many screws you will need per m2 will vary depending on how wide your boards are.  The narrower the board, the more boards there will be per m2 and therefore the more screws you will need.  The table below shows how many boxes you will need per m2 for the different widths of flooring

Boxes of 200 required per m2
Flooring Width10m220m230m240m250m260m270m280m290m2

Additional information

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Dimensions6 × 4 × 4 cm


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