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Oak Framed & Ledged Exterior Stable Door

From: £1,177.37 Incl. VAT

These are traditional external solid oak framed and ledged doors made in a stable door version that allows you to let the outdoors in during summer months.  Made in the UK using a select grade of oak on the latest CNC machinery for an accurate quality door.

Every door is individually made to your exact size so you get a superb unique heavyweight door that adds real class and character to any home and lasts a lifetime.

Please Note -these doors MUST be fitted under a porch and cannot be directly exposed to potentially damaging weather conditions

Please select your configuration below:


Oak Framed ledged and braced stable doors are a traditional option that really come into their own in summer months when the top leaf can be left open.  Our manufacturing team make each leaf of the door as a complete frame for a superb quality long-lasting door.

Oak Framed Ledged Manufacture

Each door frame is a full 44mm thickness (using 2 laminated sections of oak for extra strength and stability).  We rebate the two leaves to fit together and supply the door with 2 oak weather bars

We manufacture doors in a select grade of French oak. Most boards will be clear, with the occasional small knot emphasizing the solid oak construction of these doors. Our timber suppliers specially kiln dry to 8-10% for use on exterior doors.  Each Oak Framed door will come with two oak weather bars.  We supply these loose to allow you to fit on-site. This allows for final planing of the door has been completed.

Our expert staff laminate 2 solid sections together to create the section for the frames.  This ensures a strong long-lasting door, with good stability provided by the 2 part laminated frame.  Framed & ledged stable doors are available in either a bead & butt option or a V Grooved profile for the central boards

You can add different options to your new stable doors. This includes a glass opening or a bracing pack to add in diagonal braces. Please see the options tab for more information

Our specialist staff manufacture all of our external oak framed ledged and braced stable doors to order using state of the art CNC machinery. The typical lead time is around 1-2 weeks.  Please note:  as each door is handmade to size, these doors are not returnable once manufacturing has commenced, please check your sizes carefully!

Points to Note

  • We ask that you please fit these doors under a porch as they cannot be directly exposed to potentially damaging weather conditions
  • We will only guarantee this door IF you choose to have the door factory finished by us. Selecting unfinished will mean we are unable to assist with doors that are warped, twisted, etc. due to moisture ingress unless a 3 stage end grain sealer system has been proven to be used. we provide a care leaflet with every door detailing the best way for the doors to be finished.
  • Our production staff make he doors from solid oak however they cross laminate the flat panels with an oak veneer. The cross lamination is to ensure the door is more stable. This means it has much more reduced risks of movement than a door made with 100% solid oak. Please contact our sales team for further details.

Additional information

Weight60 kg
Dimensions210 × 95 × 4.4 cm

Timber Grades

We manufacture Framed Ledged Stable Doors using a specially selected grade of oak. The oak is bought directly from a number of partner sawmill in central and northern France where the best quality slower grown oak is found.

Most boards will be clear, some may have the occasional small knot emphasising the solid oak construction of these doors. There can be some colour variation within the boards as you find in any natural raw material.

All of our Oak is specially kiln dried to 8-10% for use as an exterior door and will exhibit minimum movement in use. As with all timber its extremely important to thoroughly finished external doors as soon as they are installed to prevent rapid moisture content changes that can lead to door swelling.

Standard and Custom Sizes

Framed & Ledged external oak doors are manufactured to order to your exact size. We will make your door in any size up to 950mm x 2100mm for the same price. We can make larger doors but please call with your requirements.

All the doors are made to a standard 44mm thick using laminated oak stiles and rails. To manufacture these we laminate 2 x 22mm oak sections in house.

We strongly recommend you specify the door a few mm oversize, and plane the door on site to suit unless you are absolutely sure that the door frame is 100% square. They rarely are! Your new oak door is custom made, and cannot be returned/refunded once manufactured so please consider these measurements carefully. We will confirm them back to you once you have let us know in an order confirmation so we both have a clear understanding of the size required

Please note that your new door is hand made and will take around 2-3 weeks to manufacture.


Bracing Pack

You can order the door with the optional bracing pack, which allows you to convert the door to a ledged and braced format. Braces are the diagonal pieces of timber, which were fitted in the past to provide extra support to the doors. With modern construction methods, these are not now structurally required but some customers prefer the look.

The pack can be supplied as loose braces to be fitted on site or we can fit the braces for you. If you would like us to install your brace pack, we will automatically fit the braces 'right Side of brace to top' unless you tell us otherwise. If you do wish for us to install your braces a different way please state this in the order basket.

Door Profile

We can supply your new FLB stable door in two inner board profiles, V Grooved or Bead & Butt. There is no price difference for this choice.

V Grooved doors tend to give a subtle and clean look to the door and work particularly well in period cottages or barn conversions. Bead & Butt profile adds some extra detail and would often have been used in larger properties reflecting the additional work that would have gone into making them at that time.


We offer a beautiful 3 stage finishing system on our external doors. As default, if selected, we will stain the door in a Medium Oak Shade. Please contact us to query other colours you have in mind.

If you choose to have your door unfinished, when you receive the door it should be checked for fit. We cannot overstate how important it is to properly finish timber external doors to provide satisfactory service. All timber will expand and contract as it gains and loses moisture. That's why your door can take on moisture and expand in winter weather. Thoroughly finishing the door will slow this movement to a minimum. It is extremely common to find timber doors that have not been finished properly, almost always in difficult to reach places such as underneath the door.

Even with thorough finishing often timber doors can require minor planing in the first couple of seasons. You should always follow a good maintenance programme with solid oak exterior doors, refinishing them as necessary.

PLEASE NOTE - Prefinished doors are hung in our spray facility to ensure full coverage and a top quality finish. This does mean there will be 2 small screw holes in the side of your door. Please be aware of this before ordering.



We use multiple couriers to ensure your door is delivered safely and efficiently, lead times are as below

Please note, anything to Scotland, Cornwall, or the South Coast can take up to 4 weeks in transit. Please call us for an approximate lead time as time will be dependent on the quantity of doors you purchase

Handling Time
10-15 Working Days
Please add 5 working days for prefinishing/glass

Transit Time
1-7 Doors: 5-10 Working Days (Epic Logistics)
8+ Doors: 3 Working Days (Hallam Express)

We do not currently deliver to Scottish Highlands, Islands, or Ireland

Please give us a call if you are needing your order urgently, express options may be available on a case by case basis


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