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Oak Framed Ledged Doors: The Burghley Estate

A No Expense Spared Restoration of a 19th Century Dairy Building into a Stunning Holiday Home Using Our Oak Framed Ledged Doors

The Customer

The Burghley Estate is one of the largest, grandest houses of the first Elizabethan Age. Significantly, this is run by the Burghley House Preservation Trust Limited as a charity since 1969, making the project all the more special. The house raises income from charging an admission fee to visitors, running events and also other commercial activities at the House. In view of this, the house has proved itself as a rather successful attraction.

The project involved a restoration of a 19th century dairy building. It was given a new lease of life as a unique and luxurious holiday house. No expense was spared in converting The Dairy into a property capable of accommodating up to 20 guests. Our Solid Oak Frame Ledge Doors seemed to be exactly what this property needed!

The Dairy has been designed as a comfortable and adaptable living space, a refreshing modern twist on an authentic country house atmosphere.

Solid Oak Frame Ledged Doors: How Were They Personalised?

The project involved a complete structural renovation and refit! It included only the finest materials, granted that the price was within their budget. Luckily, Heritage offer the highest quality products at bargain prices.

Our customers chose Heritage Solid Oak Framed Ledged and Braced doors because are a great balance between the quality of solid oak, and the period correct styling of the solid oak door. In other words, our oak products are perfect for more traditional properties.

In this case, we added bracing packs to each door to complete the look. Our expert staff also treated each door in a Clear Satin Hardwax Oil and finally, they were fitted with high quality hand forged hardware.

Solid Oak Frame Ledge Doors: The Perfect Specification

The customer specified Bead & Butt for the Inner boards. This was to give an extra visual dimension and, consequently, added more interest to the doors.
Refitting an old property means dealing with some unusual doorways sizes. Therefore, we supplied doors in various custom sizes up to 1115mm in width! All of the doors are a standard 40mm thick, also with 2 part laminated frames to ensure complete stability.

Heritage Framed Ledged Doors are made with mortice and tenon joints as standard. This is the highest quality joint that can be used. Subsequently, it is hydraulically pressed to ensure it has an incredibly strong frame. As a result of this, it will last for generations to come. Only the best for this project.