Oak Staircase On a Budget

Dreaming of an Oak Staircase?

Have you ever wanted to have an oak staircase in your home, but the price tag puts you off, let alone the mess of ripping out your existing stairs?  Plus how do you know the new stairs will fit exactly?   There is an easier, quicker and much more cost effective way to create the oak staircase of your dreams.

In most cases there is nothing wrong with the existing plain softwood or MDF staircase, so the solution is simply to clad over it, in exactly the same way you would put oak wooden flooring over your softwood floorboards.


If that’s sounds hard then don’t worry.  Modern oak stair cladding are extremely easy to use and can be installed in a single day by a normal DIY’er.  There are 4 shapes of tread on your staircases, normally 12 or 13 in total and for each there is a tread pack to suit.  Simply pick the appropriate number of each tread pack to match the number of steps on your stairs of each shape and you are good to go.

The 4 shapes you will encounter are;

  • Straight Steps – by far the most common are the normal rectangular or straight steps.
  • Winder steps -  these are the triangular shaped steps, usually found as a set of 3 that turn your stairs through 90 degrees.
  • Quarter Landing Stairs – easy to spot, these are a square landing partway up the stairs
  • Bullnose treads – often the first step on your staircase will have a curved shape.

For each shape of tread there is a matching tread pack. Simply pick the number of each you need for you particular stairs. The size of the stairs doesn’t matter, the tread packs are supplied over sized for you to trim. Once trimmed the treads simply glue onto the staircase using the special adhesive supplied.

If you want you can go further and convert the strings (the upright planks on the sides of the stairs) to an oak look as well. Oak veneer is supplied with a hot melt glue already applied to the rear.  Simply hold in place and apply a warm iron and hey presto, oak strings.

The best part of all of this? You can expect to pay around £2,000 for a full oak staircase, however stair cladding will normally cost around a third of that price. At Heritage we specialise in helping people transform their stairs. Our customer services team will be happy to chat you through the process and provide advice on your specific staircase. Call them now on 0114 247 4917 or go online for further details.